Monday, October 2, 2017

My Friend Went Home

Transfers again!!!!

i am staying in Matão with Sister Diniz <3 Sad news about transfers is that Sister Poulsen is gone :( She is returning home, mission completed for her. it's sad but i am excited for her! it was sad when we dropped her of at the bus station Saturday, we said goodbye and she got on the bus but the bus didn't leave, she called us to the window and said it's awkward with us there still. i know she didn't want to cry in front of us!!!
i am so happy for you guys and i love the picture with the kids, i can't wait to meet them at Christmas!!! its so exciting and i couldn't be more happy for our family!!
this week was a slow but good week we gave 2 dates for baptism and they both are progressing very well, and excited for conference!! a miracle - we had 2 PEOPLE IN CHURCH with us.. in 6 weeks here in Matão these are the first to come to church!! it's finally starting to get better the work here, slow but it's coming!! 
Conference was great. i like listening in portugues in this moment in my mission because i know everything. i actually understood was what i needed to hear! it was great i was able to watch 5 session (including womens) i can't wait to receive the Liahona for conference to be able to read the talks!!!
this week its has been raining for 4 days straight i love it!! but it is becoming summer here and they say it gets way hot here i am not ready for that!
i love you all tons have a great week

Sister Moss

Sooooccccccerrrr Fieeeeldsssss. Wahhhhhhh! Boooo Hoooooo :-(


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