Monday, May 28, 2018

I got to play some soccer!

So this week was very crazy i had a split with one of my favorite sister (sister mevs)!! it was a blast, it was a bit strange because normally we make the splits just with one of the SLT but i am special and i had the comp to my SLT there... it wasnt the best time but  i know exactly why it happened the way it did.. i learned exactly what i needed too!! hahah we had just one person with us in church and it was a miracle that it happened we were supposed to be going to Rio Preto for stake conference but with everything going on in brazil about not having gas and everything we didnt go...

oh President is a bit worried about the mission. we received a call this week that we needed to go to the store in the same time and buy a week worth of food for reserve because all the stores are jacking up prices and some are even out of food.. pray for this thing to go away!!

but we are doing well. as for transfers i will probably be leaving barretos and maybe i will be SLT but i dont know anything hahaah my camera is working for now its strange some days it will work and others no...

today I PLAYED SOCCER <3 its was awesome it felt so good to kick a ball, i have missed it but to be honest im a bit rusty!!! hahaha

i love you all so much and i hope you have a great week<3
Sister Moss 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Another great week!

This week was a good week. not a whole lot had happened but the work is going slow.. we are hitting our number and this transfer is better than the last!! our best investigators, that i love, dropped a bomb on us and they will be moving this week to a different state.. it's real sad because the only reason they aren't baptized yet is because she needs to finalize her divorce and get remarried and she got news this week that her divorce is going to finalized in the next month and they will be getting married and then baptized.. i am so happy for them because this move will be better for them in the long run but i don't want them to move away!!! :(

We also had conference this week and it was absolutely WONDERFUL!!!1 i loved every minute of it!! i learned so much about something i need to better at and being able to see the Lord work with us through the things we do..

I love you all and i hope you have a great week!! <3

Sister Moss


Monday, May 14, 2018

Post Mother's Day Skype and Stuff!

i am so happy i got to see your faces yesterday <3 i love your faces more on Skype than in photos and i love them more in person!! hahah this week, just like Kenzie, we will work, i have conference this week so that should be fun, and we are planning on designing a t-shirt for our zone!!

i am excited to see what happens this week and to see all the miracles happen! our week was good very long waiting for Skype. but we have been able to hit all of our goals these last 2 weeks and its great.. i know that everything happens for a reason.. i am so grateful for this chance i have to be here in Brazil. i know without a doubt that i am becoming the person Heavenly Father needs of me..

well you got to meet all of the sisters i live with and its always crazy in the house, with jokes and games.. i am so happy to be with them all. Sister Sage is awesome and glad I'm living with her again, Sister Freire is awesome and so fun to be with all the time! and Sister Hogge is absolutely awesome and she´s so funny, i will live with her at BYU-Idaho when she finishes her mission!! she's the best and we get along great!  

For p-day, we will be playing clue today hahah we got permission this week to play it!! and that's about it we had other plans to go to the parque de peão which is the rodeo stadium here but our plans got cancelled.
but as usual not a whole lot of news, but I LOVE you all! <3
Sister Moss 

Monday, May 7, 2018

Another Great Week!

Hey this week was a great one - we had 5 people in church with us and it's great to see them committing to grow closer to our Heavenly Father.. we have a couple that we are teaching for the last 2 months and they always just kept saying they didn't want to be baptized right now and it's been a bit frustrating.. 
This week we started our fast and of course we were fasting for this couple.. we had an appt. with them Saturday night and when we got there, they told us that they want to be baptized now but we still have to wait for them to be married but they FINALLY have a desire to be baptized!!!! it was great. i know without a doubt that fasting is a way we can show our love and a small sacrifice for what we want or need!!!
i am loving my mission and everything that I've learned...
i how everyone has a great week and i love you all so much <3

Sister Moss