Monday, August 20, 2018

Praying works!

Miracles = Kneeling and praying in the road!!! 

Okay so up until Thursday we didn't have any new people to teach and didn't have much to show for our work... for those who don't know, a mission has a lot of work with goals and numbers.. haahh but we were struggling to find new people but We left the house Friday with a lot of faith and hope that we will find a family to teach then we went to work... the whole day was rejection but we didn't give up. then we"knocked" on a door we have been trying for a while and he finally answered. Yay! 
Afterwards we were REALLY hungry so we stopped to eat something  and when found a food truck the lady said 2 hours before that she was telling her son that they need to go to a church and she had talked to missionaries a while back and she wanted to talk to them again - and what happens? We arrive at their food truck and started to talk to them.. it truly was awesome and a miracle.. 

This week was very hard and this last week will be even harder but I know that everything will be okay!! 

Love you all so much. See you next week!! 
Love, Sister Moss 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Working to the end...

This week was a good one. I am doing great and I am working until the end and it's not easy!! hahah I am so tired and I just want to sit down.. but I know that I will finish strong and that I have help from the Lord!!
This week we had a bit easier time finding people to teach but we didn't have any one at church again... ugh it's so frustrating, we had everything planned for them to have a ride to church and everything and one called at 10:40pm saying she couldn't make it and the other said Sunday morning that he wouldn't be going.. it's very sad to go to church and not have anyone there with us..

Here in Iraja (my ward) I have the feeling that my job is not to baptize people, I have had 4 baptisms fall through, I feel more like I am here to strengthen the members, I got here and they had a hard time trusting the missionaries and now they love us.. one thing now is that they need to have their testimonies strengthened to be able to accept new converts.. one thing that was written in my Patriarchal blessing was that my testimony will help strengthen many members and I truly feel like that is my purpose here, its a bittersweet purpose because as a missionary I need to help others be baptized but i know that part of my job is to strengthen the Lords children in what ever form I can.. I love this ward and the work I am doing. I hope that it's making a difference in the lives of the people I am helping!!
I love you all so much and I can't wait to see you all in 2 short weeks <3

Sister Moss

Monday, August 6, 2018

Please pray for our investigator...

This week doesn't have a lot to tell we have been working a lot and trying to find people to teach...

We have one man that will be baptized the end of the week please PRAY for him that he can resist temptations and that he will be baptized this week.. i know that he's ready but satan is very tricky!!! hahah

I am excited to be here and it's getting really real that i'll be coming home, but at the same time its like I just got here!! 

I am sorry that this week isn't a lot to write and I will be better for the last 2 weeks I PROMISE!! 
Have a great week and i love you all <3 


Sister Moss