Monday, May 29, 2017

It's Official!!!

Where to start for this week - it's been Crazy....

1st thing - It's official, I'm Brazilian, we were shopping the other day and the lady asked me where I was from in Brazil because my accent was different
2nd I don't like transfers
3rd I am so grateful for power and energy

Poulsen and I were asked to teach an English class at the chapel so that's exciting, we did a deep clean last Monday (Poulsen and I) we had Uva Leite (grape milk) which is a drink I had...Our energy has been out for a week and it stinks. we lost all of our food and we have freezing water for showers.
For the language, some days it just comes out like normal I don't need to think about what the words are in English first so that's progress. All week we were all excited for TRANSFERS right; we thought we knew what was going to happen, but nope we didn't, sister Hernandez and I stayed in Rio Preto, and Poulsen and Nascimento left and that makes me super sad, like a lot. For selfish reasons I didn't want them to leave. 

Right now we have 3 really strong investigators that are ready for baptism but can't be baptized because they are not legally married, and won't go get married. Besides that, we are doing a lot. we the less actives we spent all day yesterday walking around looking for them to confirm they still live there and to help them come back to church. oh yesterday we were also at the church for most of the day because we were having lunch with a family that was preparing for a ward activity so there were about 30 people at our lunch. it was fun. 

mommy can you please send me conference talks in English and some work outs like 10 min ones? I would love The Fourth Missionary talk! 

I love and miss you all and I love this opportunity that I have to serve! 


Sister Moss

Monday, May 22, 2017

I gave my first talk in Portuguese (in Sacrament)

This week was good and rough at the same time. We have had lots of rain and that makes it easier to get into the homes of people! haha! We have 3 investigators really progressing and have 3 baptism dates for this upcoming week.

We had meetings with Presidente Scholz this week and though it went well, we talked about the first 12 weeks how I'm feeling, if I see progress and the progress he sees. It was good. I got a blessing this past week as well because I am becoming more and more impatient with myself, in the language. it seems to be getting hard to understand. We did a quick splits again this week and I was with Sister Poulsen again, haha it was fun, and it gave me a heart attack at the same time. This time we stayed in my area and I was in charge of planning the day and who we would see and what we would teach and I about died!! It ended up being a good day but still scary. We got lost quite a bit... these roads are all the same and in circles. 

Oh I did the most terrifying thing in my whole life yesterday...Can you guess what it was?

That's right I gave a talk in sacrament meeting in Portuguese!!!! Definitely a good experience though. I think it went well and it was a easy topic - How can missionary work change your life?
Well that's simple and I'm so grateful for missionary work, I told this story about the most amazing woman and how missionary work changed her life. I love you mommy and I'm glad missionary work can change our lives.

I love you all and I'm am so grateful for my call to serve the Lord.
Sister Moss

Monday, May 15, 2017


This week was difficult for me in the language but I got through it and was able to see my family this week, which gave me more motivation to be better. the family looks great, and I was able to Skype Kenzie too!!

For work this week we had our first baptism which was exciting, weird thing we (4 missionaries) sang at the baptism, it was different, but so cool. the baptism was different than at home., everyone was in street clothes and it was more of a party setting, balloons, and cake - different but cool. haha 
as for other investigators we are teaching 4 brothers and they are French and don't speak a lot of Portuguese which is funny because we kind of do a half French lesson and half Portuguese lesson. We had a couple with so much potential and we might have lost them due to a disagreement on something, we will have to see they left town for a little while. 
This week we had splits which was nerve wracking because I can barely understand my companion so how am I supposed to go with a sister I don't know and be able to talk, and help her in any way? well the answer is simple, I was put with sister Poulsen who is American!! She is the STL (Sister Training Leader) and she felt like she needed to be with me this week to talk to me about how I am truly doing, IN ENGLISH... it was much needed, and she gave me some great advice, and really helped me, I am so grateful for her. She also was able to explain more of the language that I was struggling with in English which helped a lot too. 

I am so grateful the Lord knows me and what I need exactly when I need it, he definitely is a huge part of my life. so happy to be serving our Savior 

I love you all so much, and Happy Mothers Day <3  


Sister Moss

Monday, May 8, 2017

We Were Sick, But Now We're All Better!

Hi Everyone,

This week had been a strange one, started out great, we were having like 6 lessons a day which is a lot, and then by the end of the week my companion and I were both sick and I slept till 11 on Saturday and we stayed in the house Friday, most of Saturday, and Sunday, oh and today she slept til 12.... so not a fun way to end the week.

We have 4  really progressing investigators and one was supposed to be baptized on Saturday, but his dad changed his mind and wouldn't let him, but then we took some elders over to talk to the dad, and then we went back the next day. on the way over to his house Saturday I had the impression to start my fast without already eating for a day and a half, so i did... when we got to his house we gave a repeat of a lesson and then asked his dad again for his son to be baptized, and sure enough he agreed and signed the paperwork for his son to be baptized this upcoming Saturday!!!! it's so exciting.

Next is E and hes doing great strong testimony coming to church and is ready for baptism. after him we have two with dates for baptism and more lessons with them. it's coming along great!

Sundays are still the hardest, this week I held in my tears until Sister Poulsen (other American) asked me what was wrong, and then I just started crying again.. I'm a big baby like my daddy!! So Sister Poulsen was kind enough to speak to me in English to calm me down and help me, this was the first time she's spoken to me in English! She is so kind and gave me great advice. 

Good things - I'm getting tan, the language is slowly coming, I am starting to understand the people I talk to most, so much better. and that's good. the hardest thing regarding the language is forming sentences and the translating in English. but that's okay, it's been two weeks!
I  am challenging myself to finish the Book of Mormon in Portuguese by Maio 30 (which is 6 weeks in the field) I plan on reading 8 chapters a day until I get it down. I'm excited to do this!!!

Anyway, I love you lots I'm glad you got our letter and I will be sending another in the next couple days.

Love you tons!!!
Sister Moss

Mom Note: Sister Moss doesn't write a whole lot in one big email. Occasionally, she sends a bunch of shorter ones...Here is an excerpt from one of her shorter emails, she sent this week:

... Yes, feeling better. Area is mostly flat, not to many big hills, the houses are all gated in, even ours. We clap to get the attention of the person in the house. Homes aren't in the best shape - most are dirty and broken, members tend to have nicer homes but not always. yes, my companion is great at helping me. she is so patient and willing to help. I know it will take time, President Scholz said by the end of the second transfer I will be 75% there and feel confident in the language!

Puzzle time!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week One in the Mission Field!

My area is so big and we do so much walking, I'm going to have good calves after my mission :D hahah but for real, we do have a lot of work, like 41 investigators and 11 baptism dates. My companion is great we get along great too, she is so patient with me in not being able to understand a whole lot.

Yesterday was probably the hardest day for me because I wanted, so badly, to know what they were saying in sacrament and I couldn't, so I just sat there and cried!

I live with 2 other sisters - one from Idaho and one from around Natal area. I can't remember the name. We are in the house till round 12 then have lunch with membros, and then go back to the house for a few more hours of studying. We tend to leave at 4 and don't come back until 9 at night. So it's much different than I thought! 

This week has been good one being the first in the field. It definitely hasn't been easy adjusting to being in the field. I didn't know what to expect but this wasn't it! hahah it's great, I had a really hard day yesterday, being my first Domingo in all Portuguese, in sacramento I just sat there and cried. I think my companion <Sister Hernandez> is awesome and I love her, she is so patient with me in the language and in all things, she has been a great help too me. The other sisters are great too, we all get along, though most of the time I don't know what they are saying but I try.

It's been great meeting our pesquisadores, there are so many I'm still learning names! The most of them seem to be doing good, but again I´m not 100% sure what exactly goes on and, is said in our lessons, but I am starting to say more in them, whether it's my testimony or sharing a scripture - I am slowly starting to do more.

This week for me has been centered on just listening and learning from that, there are some many different accents, and people that makes this difficult. One thing I like is the help and patience from the people we teach when I say something I can see them perk up a bit and will help me with the idioma, which is cool!! I am so excited to be here and grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord, I love him with my whole heart!!

I am looking forward to this week, to learn so much more. 

BTW President and Sister Scholz had a son Serve in Surprise, he was in the Sun City and Kingswood Park wards, he just came home in January!! He told his mom that he knows the Moss's which is cool!

Anyway, I love you and miss you tons!


Sister Moss <3
A letter from President Scholz 

Dear Moss Family,
We are excited to have your daughter, Sister Moss, in our mission. This will be a great opportunity for continued growth and development as she serves faithfully here in the mission field.  She will meet, teach, convert and touch the lives of many people who are seeking to know, understand and live the truths of the restored gospel. Your daughter will have the opportunity to grow closer to the Lord and better understand how to recognize the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Through her continued study and application of gospel principles, we pray her testimony will increase and her love and obedience to Heavenly I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up. Father's revealed truths will forge a pattern for the rest of her life.
Your daughter has already been assigned to her first area. She will be working in Eldorado in the city of São José do Rio Preto, and will be trained by Sister Hernandez. The area is very blessed, and your daughter’s trainer is a reliable and responsible missionary. Your daughter will certainly have much success and great spiritual experiences.
Along with missionary service come many new and interesting demands and challenges.  Your daughter will continue to learn and adapt to new and interesting customs, cultures and foods, as well as a new language and schedule. As parents, you play a very important role in the well-being of your missionary.  Your continued love and encouragement will give her the support and help she needs. Please write her regularly, sharing your testimony and love of this great gospel plan and help her stay focused on this sacred work.
Trust the Lord’s watchful care as you pray regularly for all the missionaries throughout the world.  Remember the Lord has said, "I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up."  (D&C 84:88)
My wife and I are very grateful to have your daughter serving by our sides in this great missionary effort. The lives of many will be influenced and blessed because of your daughter’s great service and dedication. We will do our best to help your daughter succeed in her service to the Lord. Thank you for preparing a daughter, that is willing and ready to be of service in this part of the Lord's vineyard. May the Lord bless you for your sacrifice and help in this important and eternal endeavor.
With love,
Peter S. Scholz
Mission President