Monday, May 8, 2017

We Were Sick, But Now We're All Better!

Hi Everyone,

This week had been a strange one, started out great, we were having like 6 lessons a day which is a lot, and then by the end of the week my companion and I were both sick and I slept till 11 on Saturday and we stayed in the house Friday, most of Saturday, and Sunday, oh and today she slept til 12.... so not a fun way to end the week.

We have 4  really progressing investigators and one was supposed to be baptized on Saturday, but his dad changed his mind and wouldn't let him, but then we took some elders over to talk to the dad, and then we went back the next day. on the way over to his house Saturday I had the impression to start my fast without already eating for a day and a half, so i did... when we got to his house we gave a repeat of a lesson and then asked his dad again for his son to be baptized, and sure enough he agreed and signed the paperwork for his son to be baptized this upcoming Saturday!!!! it's so exciting.

Next is E and hes doing great strong testimony coming to church and is ready for baptism. after him we have two with dates for baptism and more lessons with them. it's coming along great!

Sundays are still the hardest, this week I held in my tears until Sister Poulsen (other American) asked me what was wrong, and then I just started crying again.. I'm a big baby like my daddy!! So Sister Poulsen was kind enough to speak to me in English to calm me down and help me, this was the first time she's spoken to me in English! She is so kind and gave me great advice. 

Good things - I'm getting tan, the language is slowly coming, I am starting to understand the people I talk to most, so much better. and that's good. the hardest thing regarding the language is forming sentences and the translating in English. but that's okay, it's been two weeks!
I  am challenging myself to finish the Book of Mormon in Portuguese by Maio 30 (which is 6 weeks in the field) I plan on reading 8 chapters a day until I get it down. I'm excited to do this!!!

Anyway, I love you lots I'm glad you got our letter and I will be sending another in the next couple days.

Love you tons!!!
Sister Moss

Mom Note: Sister Moss doesn't write a whole lot in one big email. Occasionally, she sends a bunch of shorter ones...Here is an excerpt from one of her shorter emails, she sent this week:

... Yes, feeling better. Area is mostly flat, not to many big hills, the houses are all gated in, even ours. We clap to get the attention of the person in the house. Homes aren't in the best shape - most are dirty and broken, members tend to have nicer homes but not always. yes, my companion is great at helping me. she is so patient and willing to help. I know it will take time, President Scholz said by the end of the second transfer I will be 75% there and feel confident in the language!

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