Monday, May 15, 2017


This week was difficult for me in the language but I got through it and was able to see my family this week, which gave me more motivation to be better. the family looks great, and I was able to Skype Kenzie too!!

For work this week we had our first baptism which was exciting, weird thing we (4 missionaries) sang at the baptism, it was different, but so cool. the baptism was different than at home., everyone was in street clothes and it was more of a party setting, balloons, and cake - different but cool. haha 
as for other investigators we are teaching 4 brothers and they are French and don't speak a lot of Portuguese which is funny because we kind of do a half French lesson and half Portuguese lesson. We had a couple with so much potential and we might have lost them due to a disagreement on something, we will have to see they left town for a little while. 
This week we had splits which was nerve wracking because I can barely understand my companion so how am I supposed to go with a sister I don't know and be able to talk, and help her in any way? well the answer is simple, I was put with sister Poulsen who is American!! She is the STL (Sister Training Leader) and she felt like she needed to be with me this week to talk to me about how I am truly doing, IN ENGLISH... it was much needed, and she gave me some great advice, and really helped me, I am so grateful for her. She also was able to explain more of the language that I was struggling with in English which helped a lot too. 

I am so grateful the Lord knows me and what I need exactly when I need it, he definitely is a huge part of my life. so happy to be serving our Savior 

I love you all so much, and Happy Mothers Day <3  


Sister Moss

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