Monday, May 29, 2017

It's Official!!!

Where to start for this week - it's been Crazy....

1st thing - It's official, I'm Brazilian, we were shopping the other day and the lady asked me where I was from in Brazil because my accent was different
2nd I don't like transfers
3rd I am so grateful for power and energy

Poulsen and I were asked to teach an English class at the chapel so that's exciting, we did a deep clean last Monday (Poulsen and I) we had Uva Leite (grape milk) which is a drink I had...Our energy has been out for a week and it stinks. we lost all of our food and we have freezing water for showers.
For the language, some days it just comes out like normal I don't need to think about what the words are in English first so that's progress. All week we were all excited for TRANSFERS right; we thought we knew what was going to happen, but nope we didn't, sister Hernandez and I stayed in Rio Preto, and Poulsen and Nascimento left and that makes me super sad, like a lot. For selfish reasons I didn't want them to leave. 

Right now we have 3 really strong investigators that are ready for baptism but can't be baptized because they are not legally married, and won't go get married. Besides that, we are doing a lot. we the less actives we spent all day yesterday walking around looking for them to confirm they still live there and to help them come back to church. oh yesterday we were also at the church for most of the day because we were having lunch with a family that was preparing for a ward activity so there were about 30 people at our lunch. it was fun. 

mommy can you please send me conference talks in English and some work outs like 10 min ones? I would love The Fourth Missionary talk! 

I love and miss you all and I love this opportunity that I have to serve! 


Sister Moss

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