Monday, July 30, 2018

The Miracle of the Fast

This week we had a miracle with fasting...

So my area is very difficult to find people who care to listen and go to church, I haven't had people at church for the last month and its very sad.. this week we did a fast for our area to be able to find people and teach them.. the day of the fast we found 5 people and marked 4 dates for baptism.. its been one of the best days I've had in a long time.. its very hard to stay happy, i have so much on my mind as well that its very difficult to focus on the work when nothing big is happening.. i think this last week my faith has fallen a bit and its making the work a bit harder... 

Things with my companion are a bit rough but its only the second week and i hope things will get better... i know that i am with her for a reason.. 

Not a lot to say this week, I will be giving my Hero testimony this week at the zone conference and I am so nervous but i am always nervous to speak in front of people.... hahah 
I love you so much have a great week 


Sister Moss

Monday, July 23, 2018

Another week...

Okay so this week was a tough one we don't have an investigators that are willing to work and keep the commitments that we are giving... I am a bit unexcited right now, I want this transfer to be a good one, to be able to help my companion because she just finished a transfer that was very hard for her. but she is sad very fast and I dont know what to do. We are having a hard time finding people who really want to learn and it's sad..

The area is VERY big and when I say big I mean VERY big... but I like it. it's harder because it's center of the city and everyone we talk to lives somewhere else.. and we have a lot of buildings that we can go knocking on doors..  I live in an apartment and I don't know my neighbors I never see them because our time to be in the apt. is very different than them..

Sister Torres, yes, she's from Natal, she's very cool.. we are still trying to get used to each other she is a lot different than Sister Santos.. we do laugh but not a lot. she's a bit more shy, it's hard to always push the subject with her... I am trying though!! 
The ward is great. they take great care of us and are always searching to help in anyway .. but I know that everything will be alright.. Heavenly Father is helping me out!! 

Have a great week and I love you so much <3 

Sister Moss

Monday, July 16, 2018

My last transfer...

So this week was a good but difficult one, we are having a hard time finding new people who care to be baptized and care to continue to receive the lessons.. I am a bit discouraged for this.. this last transfer we had 3 baptisms ready and they all fell through. this last week we were supposed to be having a baptism for Paulo he passed the interview and was ready to be baptized but the day before the baptism he called and said he needed to talk to us and we went there and she said he didn't want to be baptized anymore.. it broke my heart!! i just started crying after we left his house. 
A lot of missionaries are more worried about the numbers and goals we have to hit, but i truly feel the love of the Savior for everyone of my investigators and i just cry knowing that they have chosen to deny what they have learned.

Today is a start to the LAST transfer... how cow! how did the time go by so fast... I cant believe it, and no offense - I don't want to come home yet!!! hahah I love it here and I am happy that I am coming home but there is a part of me that is broken because I have to leave.. 
today i got a new companion Sister Torres, she is from Natal, a city close by Natal... she saw Kenzie before she came to the mission.. she has 4 months and I hope I can help her, this last transfer. for her she had a lot of problems with her comp. so I hope that I can be a good companion for her.. she hasn't stopped smiling since she got here.. I already was in the same zone as her..

I am happy to be serving and having a great time here in Brasil!! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!! 

Sister Moss

Monday, July 9, 2018

I can't sleep...

Not a lot happened this week

We are preparing to have a baptism this next week I pray that everything goes well.. we are having a bit of a hard time finding new people and when we do they don't really care to learn more.. but I know that everything will be alright! 

We had Paulo at church with us and it was the most that I exercised my faith. We were praying and praying that he could arrive and he did at the last minute and he can now be baptized this week!! It's going great. 
I am not sleeping really well, because my companion started talking in her sleep and it wakes me up and then i don't sleep again, but I know the Lord is helping me have the strength I need to continue to work.. if you all could pray for me to continue to have the strength and energy i would appreciate it!!

I love you all so much and miss you too!! 

Sister Moss

Monday, July 2, 2018


I love you so much mommy.. I am glad that the kids had fun this week at the cabin. I am really sad that I couldn't be there to see everyone!! Thank you for the help with getting the information at BYU-I. I am excited to see what will happen!! and I can live with Shannie!!!! That would be awesome! <3 

This week was a bit harder for me. my companion and I had some arguments and it's been a bit hard but everything will be okay!! We have been working a lot with two people trying to prepare them for baptism.. one is Paulo. he is golden!! haha we has so much desejo to be baptized and is doing all he can to be baptized this transfer.. he has done really well at church and he loves it so much!! I am excited for him! the other is "A". He is a bit more difficult we don't know if he actually needs to be baptized he is learning very slow and has a hard time remembering what we are teaching maybe he is innocent like a child!! We are praying that he stops drinking coffee and will be ready to be baptized! 

We have two weeks left in this transfer, we will receive transfers the 14th and I don't know what will happen.. a lot of the sisters are saying I will become SLT and if I do I will be transferred if not I think I will stay here and maybe train again!! I don't know what will happen.. I will be okay with whatever happens.. 

I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!

Sister Moss