Monday, July 2, 2018


I love you so much mommy.. I am glad that the kids had fun this week at the cabin. I am really sad that I couldn't be there to see everyone!! Thank you for the help with getting the information at BYU-I. I am excited to see what will happen!! and I can live with Shannie!!!! That would be awesome! <3 

This week was a bit harder for me. my companion and I had some arguments and it's been a bit hard but everything will be okay!! We have been working a lot with two people trying to prepare them for baptism.. one is Paulo. he is golden!! haha we has so much desejo to be baptized and is doing all he can to be baptized this transfer.. he has done really well at church and he loves it so much!! I am excited for him! the other is "A". He is a bit more difficult we don't know if he actually needs to be baptized he is learning very slow and has a hard time remembering what we are teaching maybe he is innocent like a child!! We are praying that he stops drinking coffee and will be ready to be baptized! 

We have two weeks left in this transfer, we will receive transfers the 14th and I don't know what will happen.. a lot of the sisters are saying I will become SLT and if I do I will be transferred if not I think I will stay here and maybe train again!! I don't know what will happen.. I will be okay with whatever happens.. 

I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!

Sister Moss

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