Monday, July 31, 2017

A very difficult week...

This week was a really hard one for me and my companion, she is struggling and I don't know what to do to help her so it's hard. I've tried talking to her and asking what I can do, but she says nothing. I do all the service I can for her and just love her, so hopefully she will get better soon!!
I am struggling personally with feeling good enough, and it just seems to bee harder everyday. I thought the language would be getting easier but this week it just seem to be 10x harder. Every person I taught would say they don't understand a thing and that doesn't help me feel any better about myself.

Then my companion says I need to learn the lessons because i need a lot of help, I know the material I have grown up in this gospel and I've taught this many times, but she just said I need to read them all over again and learn them... and I know it's to help but it's just hard to hear that "i don't know" the stuff I've been teaching! so this end of the week I've just been crying... oh this week I promised an investigator that I would stop drinking Coca (soda) if they promised to stop coffee - he is struggling with this and so it's been a week since I have had soda!! please pray that I have the strength to continue not drinking it!!!

as for the wedding, it's going well, we have two weeks and things are good, I'm more excited for the baptism the day after the wedding!! on the 12th we have planned 5 baptisms and I pray everyday that they all continue to grow closer to our Savior!!! this week in church we had 6 investigators that's the most since I arrived here.. work is slow we don't have a lot of people to teach but it's going well!!!

I love you all so much and I hope you all have a great week!! <3

com meu todo coraçâo Eu Amo Você
Sister Moss

Monday, July 24, 2017

I broke the chair!

This week was a good one and a bad one for me okay well not bad, but hard.... this week started with splits and I needed to be the senior companion again, it's hard for me to do that when I am not comfortable in my Portuguese to teach but it's even worse when we have two newbies in the same place. it's definitely helped me see my progress, but still really hard to be the one that's "in charge" but I think overall I am doing good with it. later in the week we had another splits, then this upcoming Thursday I have another. it's just so crazy. oh and it's strange that I know more about the area and I think I know more about my investigators!!! hahah I am trying with all my heart to be better at understanding - it's still difficult for me.

My companion, Sister Soares, she is great - very small but really great! she is from Belém- PARÁ it's more north, we have a great time together always laughing and smiling! I am still in the same area and it's been good. we don't have a lot of work but we have good work.. we are close to a wedding and baptism for two investigators and it's exciting to see them so excited to be married and baptized.

this week while we were teaching i did something so funny, the investigator gave us plastic chairs to sit down and when she handed me mine it was kinda broken so I thought not to much movement and I would be fine but when we were almost done teaching I dropped something so I went to pick it up and the chair just broke and I fell backwards and my skirt flew up and I hurt myself but it was so funny!! 

I love this mission and it gets better everyday, I am grateful for everything our Savior has given me. 

com meu todo coraçâo 

eu amo vocês<3
Sister Moss 

Monday, July 17, 2017

New Companion - She's Brazilian!

This week for me is very very long!!! I love my companion. her name is Sister Soares. she is Brazilian and 20 years old and has little over a year in the mission. we get along great and she is so funny, we are always laughing. in my house I am the only American but I still have a little English, my companion is learning and so is another sister in the house, so I teach English to them (well I'm trying to teach English) as for work, it was slow I am trying to show Sister Soares around and it's difficult because I don't know what I know exactly about my investigators! but it was a good week.

this transfer will test me in every way. my companion is the SLT so every time she goes on splits with the other SLT, it's 2 junior missionaries , one who doesn't speak a whole lot of Portuguese and one who is only a week into the mission... this has me a little freaked out! 

Really cool experience this week, on Sunday we were at lunch with a member and we had finished all the food and message and closing prayer and i received a thought to ask for a blessing and i wasn't sure why but I got a blessing for comfort. the minute that the blessing was done, our phone rang and the SLT had to go to another area for the day, so that meant leaving the two newbies by themselves!!! I see now that the blessing and thought was perfect timing and it was a perfect blessing. We ended up having a great day. terrifying because i had to act as the senior companion and use the phone and start the lessons and it was just different for me and so scary but I am glad that I had the prompting and I am so grateful that I listened to it to receive the blessing.
That's all.
I love you.
Sister Moss

Monday, July 10, 2017

Four months of service to the Lord

This week marks 4 months!!!! Crazy how fast time is going for me, its been so great and i cant wait for more time to continue to grow!!

well, this week was crazy, we had an emergency transfer and sister Hernandez was transferred to another area and i joined the two other sisters in my house. that was all on Wednesday, then Friday one of the other sisters left for Ribeirão because she is done with her mission!!! so we went from 4 sisters to 2 in just 2 days... it was crazy the two of us were trying to cover 2 areas and it was difficult! this week for work was slow and not a lot because of the transfer it made it hard to work in two areas in the same time frame!!

so many people are telling me my Portuguese is going well and I'm learning so fast!! it's hard to believe that it's good when i still struggle but i do see progress in my Portuguese everyday and its great! my biggest problem is still understanding the people - so many people have very different accents and its so hard to listen and understand.

this week we needed a members help driving a investigator to an activity but they couldn't because they didn't have gas in the car and were struggling with paying for it, so I had a thought to give her my money, I did what the scriptures says to give what I have... so I did and it felt great to do that and to be able to help just a little bit. I know that the member needed it and she was very grateful to receive it!

but we got transfers and I'm STAYING in Rio Preto, my new companion will be Sister Soars (I don't know how to spell her name) she will get to Rio Preto in 2 hours... she just finished training sister Munson (my companion in the CTM)

mom you have done a WONDERFUL job teaching me what I needed to know, what we all need to know! we haven't been the easiest kids for you but I know that what you taught is exactly what we needed. your family is perfect, yes we didn't do FHE every week, but at the same time we did every time we were together laughing for no reason or at a soccer game or anything we did together - that was our FHE. I know with all my heart that I am the way I am because of you, I am so GRATEFUL for you and everything that you have taught me. I am sorry that you haven't been able to sit and learn in church it will pass. I sit there with no little ones and I don't understand I know its frustrating but you're right, it will pass, the littles are are learning and I know the little amount of words you do hear are exactly what you need to hear, in the exact way you need to hear it!  Mommy I love you with my whole heart and I will never be able to thank you enough for all that you've done for me<3

Com meu todo coração
Eu Amor Vocês <3

Sister Moss

Happy 4th of July from Brazil

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Holy Ghost will testify of the truthfulness of the Gospel

This week we had some great milagres. we have a new family of 5 and they show great promise. we taught them the plan of salvation and it was great and cool to see them asking questions to know more!

Next we receive food in almost all of our appts. whether it's investigators or members, I love food!!

Some exciting news - we are planning a WEDDING! we have one couple who finally decided to get married so they can be baptized!!! its so great to be able to talk to them about forever families and them asking how they can do that and wanting it now!

we had a really cool experience yesterday, we went to an investigators house and we hadn't seen him in a while but it was good he was excited to see us, so we started talking and we asked what he felt after his prayers and he said he felt peace, but he still wasn't sure whether this was true, so we asked him right there to kneel down with us and ask Heavenly Father again whether this was true, while he prayed the Holy Ghost testified to me again this is right and i am doing the Lords work! after we asked him how he felt and he was speechless, and just sat there and closed his eyes to think. this was a great experience for me and I Know that the spirit testified to him as well.

this week we were at a members for FHE and when the Elder in charge starting conducting he said we will start with a special musical number from Sister Moss and Sister Hernandez, I look up and say "SERIO" to my companion she hadn't asked me to sing in front of everyone!!!! At least the song was in English (we sang Emma) I will send a video as soon as I receive it. an elder has it and he can't send it to me right now...

today is super super pday.. we are having a giant party and food and games, it should be good, the people in my zone are great patient with my Portuguese and help a lot. there are only 4 Americans in my zone. I am the only American sister... 

by the way I will be giving my clothes that are too big away to member or investigators. I'm almost done with the BOM and i love the peanut butter. i eat it with chocolate!! oh I also put JEANS on for the first time the other day and I miss them!!!! haha its okay.

I love and miss you all have a great week!!

Sister Moss 

Oh I had a meeting with president this week and he is very proud of my and isn't worried about me - 10 seconds into the meeting he said I can see the lights have been turned on and it's great! He also had notes or questions he wrote down to ask but he didn't ask them because when I walked in he already knew the answer! 

okay now i have to go

muito amor com meu todo coracão<3