Monday, July 17, 2017

New Companion - She's Brazilian!

This week for me is very very long!!! I love my companion. her name is Sister Soares. she is Brazilian and 20 years old and has little over a year in the mission. we get along great and she is so funny, we are always laughing. in my house I am the only American but I still have a little English, my companion is learning and so is another sister in the house, so I teach English to them (well I'm trying to teach English) as for work, it was slow I am trying to show Sister Soares around and it's difficult because I don't know what I know exactly about my investigators! but it was a good week.

this transfer will test me in every way. my companion is the SLT so every time she goes on splits with the other SLT, it's 2 junior missionaries , one who doesn't speak a whole lot of Portuguese and one who is only a week into the mission... this has me a little freaked out! 

Really cool experience this week, on Sunday we were at lunch with a member and we had finished all the food and message and closing prayer and i received a thought to ask for a blessing and i wasn't sure why but I got a blessing for comfort. the minute that the blessing was done, our phone rang and the SLT had to go to another area for the day, so that meant leaving the two newbies by themselves!!! I see now that the blessing and thought was perfect timing and it was a perfect blessing. We ended up having a great day. terrifying because i had to act as the senior companion and use the phone and start the lessons and it was just different for me and so scary but I am glad that I had the prompting and I am so grateful that I listened to it to receive the blessing.
That's all.
I love you.
Sister Moss

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