Monday, July 24, 2017

I broke the chair!

This week was a good one and a bad one for me okay well not bad, but hard.... this week started with splits and I needed to be the senior companion again, it's hard for me to do that when I am not comfortable in my Portuguese to teach but it's even worse when we have two newbies in the same place. it's definitely helped me see my progress, but still really hard to be the one that's "in charge" but I think overall I am doing good with it. later in the week we had another splits, then this upcoming Thursday I have another. it's just so crazy. oh and it's strange that I know more about the area and I think I know more about my investigators!!! hahah I am trying with all my heart to be better at understanding - it's still difficult for me.

My companion, Sister Soares, she is great - very small but really great! she is from Belém- PARÁ it's more north, we have a great time together always laughing and smiling! I am still in the same area and it's been good. we don't have a lot of work but we have good work.. we are close to a wedding and baptism for two investigators and it's exciting to see them so excited to be married and baptized.

this week while we were teaching i did something so funny, the investigator gave us plastic chairs to sit down and when she handed me mine it was kinda broken so I thought not to much movement and I would be fine but when we were almost done teaching I dropped something so I went to pick it up and the chair just broke and I fell backwards and my skirt flew up and I hurt myself but it was so funny!! 

I love this mission and it gets better everyday, I am grateful for everything our Savior has given me. 

com meu todo coraçâo 

eu amo vocês<3
Sister Moss 

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