Monday, July 3, 2017

The Holy Ghost will testify of the truthfulness of the Gospel

This week we had some great milagres. we have a new family of 5 and they show great promise. we taught them the plan of salvation and it was great and cool to see them asking questions to know more!

Next we receive food in almost all of our appts. whether it's investigators or members, I love food!!

Some exciting news - we are planning a WEDDING! we have one couple who finally decided to get married so they can be baptized!!! its so great to be able to talk to them about forever families and them asking how they can do that and wanting it now!

we had a really cool experience yesterday, we went to an investigators house and we hadn't seen him in a while but it was good he was excited to see us, so we started talking and we asked what he felt after his prayers and he said he felt peace, but he still wasn't sure whether this was true, so we asked him right there to kneel down with us and ask Heavenly Father again whether this was true, while he prayed the Holy Ghost testified to me again this is right and i am doing the Lords work! after we asked him how he felt and he was speechless, and just sat there and closed his eyes to think. this was a great experience for me and I Know that the spirit testified to him as well.

this week we were at a members for FHE and when the Elder in charge starting conducting he said we will start with a special musical number from Sister Moss and Sister Hernandez, I look up and say "SERIO" to my companion she hadn't asked me to sing in front of everyone!!!! At least the song was in English (we sang Emma) I will send a video as soon as I receive it. an elder has it and he can't send it to me right now...

today is super super pday.. we are having a giant party and food and games, it should be good, the people in my zone are great patient with my Portuguese and help a lot. there are only 4 Americans in my zone. I am the only American sister... 

by the way I will be giving my clothes that are too big away to member or investigators. I'm almost done with the BOM and i love the peanut butter. i eat it with chocolate!! oh I also put JEANS on for the first time the other day and I miss them!!!! haha its okay.

I love and miss you all have a great week!!

Sister Moss 

Oh I had a meeting with president this week and he is very proud of my and isn't worried about me - 10 seconds into the meeting he said I can see the lights have been turned on and it's great! He also had notes or questions he wrote down to ask but he didn't ask them because when I walked in he already knew the answer! 

okay now i have to go

muito amor com meu todo coracão<3

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