Monday, June 26, 2017

Christlike Attributes

This week we had mission tour and I wasn't as lucky as Kenzie to get someone who spoke English but it was still great! We had Elder Perroti - I think area 70, in mission tour. I understood about 3/4 of it! We talked about how to be a true disciple of Christ and what we need to do to become more like Christ. one quote I love is "we need to work for Christlike attributes, we need them to be interwoven into us." another thing is that we just can't have one, when we have one of the attributes, it leads to us gaining more and more we need to want to have them all and continue to grow them and become better!

This week I woke up Sunday morning with no to little voice... so that makes teaching other people really fun! our work has slowed down a lot we have to start cutting people from our list this week because they just aren't progressing, and it's sad... we have 8 investigators that are progressing but also at a stand, 4 of the 8 need to be married first. the others have finally gotten jobs or are not in the house when we schedule appointments... so that's frustrating!
We walk in part city and part country and depending on the day there are a lot of people out or none! We talk while we walk. We walk about, i would say, 10 miles a day the farthest we walk is about 35 min.  

Its been a good week for me. I have been helping a lot more in lessons and it's great! I just need to understand fully now!!! 

I love being here and I love that I'm continuing to grow and learn. I see progress every day and it's so great. I love you all so much.
Sister Moss 

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