Monday, June 19, 2017

It was the first time actually felt like a "real" missionary!

To start out I just want to say that I recognize that my attitude before I left for my mission had changed from what it was, I had a hard time with listening and being that always helpful person. so for that I am sorry! 

As for this week, it has probably been the best week so far for me, this week we had a little amount of lessons the work is slowing down, people aren't letting us in, and some of the investigators we had have hit a slow point and want to progress but not on one thing - the law of chastity. we thought they were married but they aren't so we taught castidade (chastity) and they flat out told us no they wouldn't live by this commandment. and that's sad because they had a baptism date on the 24th. 

This week I have been able to understand more - still not everything but more is better, we had a ward party (Festa Junina) and it's the best holiday because it's all about country and stuff!!! I have pictures of that night and when I figure out how to send them, you will see I'm definitely trying to love the people and give my all!!

I had the coolest experience so far, I was on splits with Sister Macedo, and we were teaching the Plan of Salvation, to J and J and it was the MOST spiritual experience, I was able to help with the whole lesson and I felt the spirit so strong, J said to me, because while I was teaching I was stumbling to get the words out, but she stopped me and said that she could understand exactly every word I was saying and she could feel the spirit. I cried... Sister Macedo almost cried and I think it was the first time actually felt like a "real" missionary (I know I'm a missionary, it was just different) it was so great!

I love you all so much and miss you tons!!! be safe feel better and have a great week!!

Love, Sister Moss

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