Monday, March 26, 2018

Conference is coming!

hey everyone so this week was a good one its all new to me was the first week training a new missionary.. i love her her name is S. Freire she is from Fortaleza Brazil and she is awesome.. i am excited to see miracles start to happen we are had 4 people in church with us this week and almost everyone that we found new this week accepted a date for baptism... i am excited to see the work progressing...

this week i will be leaving the mission for a day to renew my visa and i am more than excited to hear conference this week. it will be a great chance we have to hear the words of our prophet!! i am so excited to hear about everyone getting mission calls..

i know the Lord is proud of everyone for doing their part.. i know that my part is here in Brazil and that without a doubt the lord trust in me to do my very best.. training will help me learn and grow so much more i am grateful the Lord trust me to do this calling

have a great week i love you all<3
Sister Moss

Monday, March 19, 2018

I'm going to be a trainer!!!

okay so this week was very difficult for me and my companion, but its okay i am trying to help her the most i can.. but unfortunately she was transferred and i wont be able to help her anymore... but that's okay i hope she can take the things she has learned from the last transfer and keep  moving forward!!

also i'm going to be a MOM!!! yes, in missionary terms that means I'm going to be training a new missionary!!! i am excited and a little bit nervous but i know that this is what the Lord wants for me and i know i will give all my heart and energy in being a good trainer and to help my new companion get a hang of the ropes!!! 
My "daughter"
not a lot happened this week so this email will be short but know that i love all of you with all my heart and i know that the savior is on your sides every minute and that he is helping you with all of your difficulties.. i love this mission and the chance i have to be a part of this Lord's work have a great week everyone!! 

oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kilik and Shannon i am sad that i couldn't be there with you both but know that i love you with all my heart!<3 

Sister Moss

Monday, March 5, 2018

Becoming who the Lord wants me to be...

this week i am just so tried my body, my brain and it was just a hard week, but i am growing and learning everyday!!  

so you all know who i was before the mission and now in a few short months you will see the person i hope the Savior wants me to be. everyday i see the people walking by and choosing the wrong path  not coming to church, slamming the door in my face, or even just rejecting me all the way when  i am truly trying to be better.. i know that i am changing and i want to literally help everyone know this truth!!

i have FINALLY stopped worrying about what others think and just strive to be what the Lord needs, it's actually something that i am worried about, not becoming who he needs me to be.. i have been working so hard this past year to change - to become better and i know that everyday i am learning something new to help me and the people around me.. i love this chance i have to be here serving our savior. it has truly changed me and my life!!

this week we finally had someone at church with us and she loved every minute.. she even bore her testimony in our class, by the way i bore my testimony again in sacrament... i had three people telling me i need to go but the most important was the Spirit... i am learning everyday to recognize the spirit and what i need to do to continue to help others..

i love you tons and miss you so much!! <3 have a great week

com todo meu coração, e eu amo vocês muito do fundo meu coração <3

Sister Moss