Monday, January 29, 2018

Grateful to be Serving

This week... i don't remember what happened - this week it went by so very fast.. we have be focusing on find more people with quality, this week we have started to teach a family of 3 and another family of 4. i love working with families and seeing there hearts change and accept the gospel.. this week we were able to have a mom and her son at church with us and they loved it a lot and i am excited to be teaching them!! will be a little difficult but i know that our Heavenly Father is helping us find the right people! 

This week we have seen a lot of little miracles happen like finding someone new at the very last minute or i finally learn how to teach English for my English class or having a great interview with president... hahah 
i know that His work is happening and that our Savior is helping in all moments. i am so grateful for this chance to serve my mission 

i love you all so much!!! 

Love Sister Moss

Monday, January 22, 2018

Searching for Investigators

This week was a good one. more and more miracles and trials too... in my area we are doing really well we had 4 people in church with us this week and it was great, we had stake conference and it was good, had some great talks..

My stake president is all about missionary work so half of the missionaries in my zone sat on the stand and just listened to show the missionaries off!! hahahah i am sun burnt on my neck and face the sun is so strong right now.. this is the first week it did rain since I've been here. i miss the rain already!

we have 2 investigators that are looking really good for baptism before this transfer ends, which is on Feb. 5. i am excited to see the work going in the area.. the other sisters are having a really hard time in their area and its sad to see them come home at night and be sad.. i know that everything happens for a reason and that they will be able to work everything out!!

this week we have worked a lot with ex-investigators to see if they want to receive the lessons again but we are always street contacting and "knocking" on doors... i am so glad you liked the picture you got this week i knew you would.. did the member who sent it talk to you about BYU? she asked me questions i didn't know how to answer... and i thought you'd like to talk to someone in my ward:) hahah

i love you all so much and i pray for you all everyday!! have a great week and know that our Savior is always watching over us!<3

love Sister Moss

Monday, January 15, 2018

A Gift from Heavenly Father

This week was a good one we had zone conference and i loved every minute of it!! the whole theme was Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon! it was perfect and i know that everything i have learned was a gift from our Heavenly Father!!

the area is doing alright we have literally talked with everyone and have felt the spirit so strong with them but they don't accept us to return, its a bit harder to find new people but i have faith that the people are out there waiting for me to find them!!

its so sad watching the people who are leaving (from the mission) give their last testimonies in conference. one friend i have i won't be seeing again and it's one of the saddest things ever!! i got to see Alynne (a recent convert) she came to see me after conference and it was so great to be able to talk to her and send my love for her and the family!!<3 i know that our Savior is looking after them and helping them along this new choice of life!!!

i love you all so much and i love hearing from you all have a great week!!<3

Sister Moss

Monday, January 8, 2018

I Bore My Testimony in Church!

I am so glad that things are going well there.. i know i don't need to worry about things at home because our Father in Heaven is watching over you!!! i am excited for this new year and that i have the chance to be spending it serving our Savior. this year for my mission, our theme is centered on Jesus Christ, President challenged all of us to bear our testimonies in church about Jesus Christ and guess what i did something i haven't done in a long time....

It was great to do and i know that my testimony has grown so much in the last 10 months!! i know that our savior Jesus Christ loves each one of us and that He really does know all of our names.. i know that we are nothing if we did have Him and i know that i wouldn't be here... i know that i can trust in Him and i know without a doubt that He will be by my side all the time to hep me.. i love my Savior with all of my heart!!<3 

this week was a good one and i am looking forward to a new week time is going by so fast and i don't know what to do.. hahahh soon i will be here for 10 months and its crazy to think how fast time is going.. i have learned so much so far and i am excited to keep learning!! 

Love Sister Moss

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year and Merry Chirstmas

This letter will be a short one but i loved seeing my family and talking with them on Christmas, i miss it already.!!!

this week was Christmas so not many people let us in the house and a lot of people were out of town. we had a baptism and we received a lot of rain and we watched the fireworks on new year's eve. it was great we also ate brownies and we have nothing planned for today, everything is closed . hahah... 
i have made my goals for the new year and i am excited that this is the year i know i will change a lot!!! i am so grateful for my family and friends who support me everyday. know that i pray for you all everyday! have a great week and a wonderful start to a new year! 

Love Sister Moss