Monday, January 22, 2018

Searching for Investigators

This week was a good one. more and more miracles and trials too... in my area we are doing really well we had 4 people in church with us this week and it was great, we had stake conference and it was good, had some great talks..

My stake president is all about missionary work so half of the missionaries in my zone sat on the stand and just listened to show the missionaries off!! hahahah i am sun burnt on my neck and face the sun is so strong right now.. this is the first week it did rain since I've been here. i miss the rain already!

we have 2 investigators that are looking really good for baptism before this transfer ends, which is on Feb. 5. i am excited to see the work going in the area.. the other sisters are having a really hard time in their area and its sad to see them come home at night and be sad.. i know that everything happens for a reason and that they will be able to work everything out!!

this week we have worked a lot with ex-investigators to see if they want to receive the lessons again but we are always street contacting and "knocking" on doors... i am so glad you liked the picture you got this week i knew you would.. did the member who sent it talk to you about BYU? she asked me questions i didn't know how to answer... and i thought you'd like to talk to someone in my ward:) hahah

i love you all so much and i pray for you all everyday!! have a great week and know that our Savior is always watching over us!<3

love Sister Moss

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