Monday, October 16, 2017

I Jumped up and Screamed!

this week!!! i am at 7 months now i don't know what happened i blinked once and i was 4 months blinked again and now i am 7!!! it's so crazy how fast time is going!! 
this week i had a funny experience we were in a lesson and a cockroach landed on me and it was giant!!! needless to say i jumped up out of my seat and screamed!! my companion and our investigator just laughed at me, my companion couldn't believe i screamed... then i ate American food like fruit by the foot, and chips and candy... a greenie received a package this week!! 
we had 6 sisters in the house this week because they were doing splits, it was crazy loud!! we had a lot of miracles this week. we finally met our goal of new investigators. i think this is the first time in 8 week my companion and i have been together! oh we were knocking on doors and i asked a lady how long shes lived here in Matão and her response was " why do you want to know" hahhah super funny!!!! we have been singing a lot of music in English because the Brazilians use it as a way to study English, i have sent 2 rounds of letters they should be there around 20th and the 25th!!
these next weeks include zone conference this week. the following week we have our interviews with president and this time it will be in our companionship, i am nervous for it because this will be the first time i will speak to president in Português, he always speaks to the Americans in English... and the same week i will have splits, and then in 2 weeks transfers again this transfer is only 5 weeks. its much faster!! my companion has 10 weeks left in her mission which means i have 10 week until skype... i only know a number because she is more than excited to be finishing her mission...
but i love you all so much and i miss you more than you know!! have a great week
Com todo Meu Coração
Eu Amo Vocês

Sister Moss

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