Monday, October 9, 2017

Heavenly Father Will Never Leave Us

i am so happy the kids are at home and love it there... I bet you are so tired!!
this week was a good one for work we have 3 new investigators that show real promise, they are looking for a church to join one that brings peace and comfort into there lives... another thing we had a investigator in church with us!! the second week in a row. they are all progressing well and are excited for the baptism date we gave them. its exciting to be teaching, i really enjoy it!!!
This week for me was a bit hard to speak my português, i could understand and everything but i just couldn't speak, everyone we talked with laughed at my português or called it cute (i don't know if thats a good thing) but i am working and studying everyday to get better... i know its all in the Lords timing.
This week i have been reading in Alma 5-26 and i love it because its all about missionary work and showing forth the power that the Lord has to help his sons and daughters whether they are righteous or the most wicked people there... as a missionary its good to know that even the most wicked (or most difficult) investigators that in our Saviors timing they will accept the gospel. i know that its hard for a lot of people to accept that everything happened in the Lords time and how he wants, it difficult for me but i know that if we just trust him we will never go astray... i pray everyday for my português to be better than the day before, i pray to know exactly what to say and do to help my investigators and my companion.. there is one thing i learned is to ALWAYS turn to our Father in Heaven because he will never leave us.
i am grateful for this opportunity to serve my mission here in Brazil, i am grateful for the chance to learn português no matter how hard it is for me.. i know this is exactly where i need to be!!!
Com todo meu coração
eu te amo <3

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