Monday, October 23, 2017

I gave the spiritual thought...

This week i have been studying about the atonement and the leading up (the book Jesus the Christ is AMAZING) i am amazed at the love our Savior has for all people, even the people that hated him, and rejected him. i am striving everyday to grow this love in my life... its not easy but i know when i have this love i can and will do everything for my Savior!!!

This week we had zone conference and it was great we got there and one of the assistants came up to me and said "Sister Moss you are giving a thought for today" then he left. hahah. i gave my thought on Alma 36:3 it's about how we need to always have faith and trust in our Savior he will help in all things!! i received a blessing from president this week as well. i asked an elder but he insisted i ask president to help and then after 20 minutes talking to them both president sent the elder back to work and he gave me the blessing, it was really great and i love the comfort it gave me!!

We had a great English class this week, one of my investigators we met during this class and it's been very hard to teach him in his home, so we decided to start teaching him the lessons in English... this week we talked about Book of Mormon stories and we all bore testimony in English about the Book of Mormon, so great!!

Overall there were more good things than bad, and i am loving serving my savior, i look forward to continuing to help and serve others i love you all so much thanks for the love and support you all give to me!!!

Sister Moss

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