Monday, October 30, 2017

I thought church was supposed to be reverent!!

This week has been one of the longest weeks of my life... we have our interviews with president this week which we had in our companionship, i don't like it that way. it went alright...

then i had splits with S. Chapple she is from Arizona too, she is awesome and we had a great time together, sang and talked and ate!!! hahah

We have been working with 2 people most of the time, "A" - he is progressing really well. he loves to learn and grow, the other day he said he wanted to look nice like the bishop, with the white shirt and tie!!! he is trying to stop smoking and he is almost there, we had to push back his baptism for another 2 weeks...

the other is "E" - she is awesome and she loves us and we love her, she also has a date for baptism but she moved yesterday to the other Sisters' area so it's very sad, and she keeps saying she doesn't want other missionaries... but yesterday she was asked to give a small testimony at her church and so she invited us to go and watch, so we did!!! hahah it was so different and SO LOUD... i don't understand how people think screaming and jumping and dancing at church is the right way to respect our Father in Heaven!! but she gave a good thought that wasn't so little.. (took 45 mintues) haha but over all a good week i am glad its over and that we are starting the final week in this transfer... this upcoming Saturday we will be getting transfers... i think i will be staying and my companion will be leaving, but who knows

i love this church and the chance i have to share my testimony with the people of Brazil... i cant wait to see who the Lord makes of me.. i love you all so much and i cant wait to talk to you again!!! <3

Love Sister Moss


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