Monday, November 6, 2017

I have an American Companion!

TRANSFERS !!!!!!! i am staying in Matão and my new companion is AMERICAN!!! her name is Sister Preito she lives in Logan and has 6 siblings and i love her.. she was in my zone this transfer before so i already know her... we get along great and i am sexcited to see how this new transfer goes!!!

this week was a great week, we didnt have any stress in the dupla and we hit our goals for finding more of our brothers and sisters... i had a great experience with sister sage, we were devoting 4 hours of our day to looking for new investigators in both my area and hers, we had worked in my area for 2 hours and found 3 really promising investigators, then to her area we just kept getting shot down and it was taking its toll... so we decided to stop and pull out the map, we prayed tfor a revelation of where we needed to go we both chose the same road and we weent looking we found 2 people who dont live on that road but were they just for the day... they are new investigators nwe probably wouldnt have found them... it just shows that our Savior will guide us to the people we need to help, the people he needs at this moment...

i am loving my mission, difficulties and all... there is not a day that goes by that i dont thank my Heavenly Father for all that he has given me... and for everything that i have learned!!!
mom answers to questions...

1.i havent gone to the doctor, my feet are so much better one day when i had a lot of pain i just prayed and asked that the pain would go away i needed to be able to walk withour the pain, the next day the pain was gone and so far hasnt come back so i will hold off on going to the doctor!!!
2. i will write an email for keyton in the next week i wont forget


Sister Moss

Sisters Moss and Sage
Sisters Moss, Prieto, and Mevs

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