Monday, November 13, 2017

Love Those who Struggle

This week was a great week i love my companion her name is Sister Prieto and shes from logan utah, she has 6 siblings and she is so funny and we are always laughing! her favorite thing to do in the house is sing and dance... we get along great and i am so excited for this transfer with her..

as for the work we have seen a lot of little miracles ever day, like we have a new investigator or someone accepted a baptism date.. one day we talked to a man who said he doesn't like his pastor anymore and that he and his WHOLE family is looking for something new that brings peace and unity.. we will start teaching them this week!!! Also we met another young man that is very interested in knowing more we did a short summary of lesson one and he accepted a date for baptism too!!! i love working with Sister Prieto she has such a strong testimony and she is a wonderful teacher!!!

Also some very sad news, our investigator who was almost done with smoking and has a baptism date for this next week relapsed, he didn't just smoke this week but he was drinking too:( he was half drunk when we had our marked appt. during this meeting i just expressed how much i was sad and how much love i have for him and that i truly care that he changes... my heart did break, he continually says he wants to change but cant express why, so this week and next week we wont be seeing him, we will start to visit him again in 2 weeks to see how he feels and see if he really cares, and has a desire to come to church without someone calling of knocking on his door every week!!! i am a little scared to be doing this i am afraid that he will just feel abandoned and continue to drink and smoke but i pray that he truly cares to change...

we had stake conference this week and it was great we have Pres. Scholz and Sister Scholz there also a area 70 Elder Joaquin Costa, their talks were wonderful and about how we need to have love for everyone and we need to forgive everyone too... i loved being able to be there and just feel the spirit!! i am loving my mission and it just keeps getting better and better<3 i hope everyone has a great week and i love you all!!!


Sister Moss

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