Monday, September 25, 2017

I pray that I will forget English until I need it!

I am so excited to hear all the good things happening at home it makes it easier to be away!  i am so excited for you guys to meet the kiddos this week, i love the picture you guys sent, i look at it often and im still in shock but i am so happy.. i pray everyday for you all, to feel my love and support from brazil!

its getting a lot easier here, the work is still hard but the language is much easier, i pray that i will forget English until i need it.... i think its finally happened where i can understand and speak, I'm not perfect and i have a lot more to learn but it's finally not my major worry!!

things are going well, i am excited for transfers this week, and to see what will happen. but i am so sad too, Sister Poulsen finishes her mission this week, and the other two sisters in my house start their count down of 12 weeks!! let's just say the people in my house a little trunky (excited to go home)!! but it's all good, they all help me a lot with my Portugues and its wonderful.. 

this week i studied in Mosiah 20 - Alma 1 but i loved Mosiah chapters 23 and 24. mostly in Mosiah. it's about how the Lord will lighten our burdens when we are struggling, he will always be there to help us no matter what, sometimes we don't acknowledge him there but he is and will always be there..

eu sou muito grato por este oportunidade para servir minha missão, eu sei que, nosso pai celestial vai sempre ajudar nos em qualquer coisa no queremos para fazer. eu sei que nenhuma momento passar eu não sinto seus amor pra mim! muito obrigada por todos quem apoio mim aqui em Brazil, eu quero vocês para saber eu orei cada dia por vocês todos. eu amo Brazil, eu amo português e este oportunidade pra aprender<3

Sister Moss

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