Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My List of Postives...

my love for my family grows more and more each day!!!
this weeks email will be a little different than normal. my mom wanted me to write 3-5 good things in everyday so i will just list what i have written down.
1. P-day we went shopping ate açai
2. i watched movies (thanks mom)
3. we had a family home evening and as we walked into the house the member asked why we were so happy and smiling and then she said she can see our love for one another, us sisters are a family!
1. i fasted for my português today
2. the sisters were ask to sing in the choir for our ward conference
3. district meeting, today we changed it up and we meet with all the district leaders not just mine
4. i said a whole sentence in português without a mistake
1. today started rough so i knelt down and asked for peace and comfort, and i had this wonderful overwhelming peace, it was wonderful
2. i taught the English class this week
3. we ate açai to celebrate Sister Poulsen - she hit her 1 year and 5 months, shes about done!!
1. 6 months for me today, we ate pizza to celebrate for me
2. a great day with my companion
3. i wrote a letter to kenzie in português and there weren't a lot of mistakes!!
4. in our only lesson for the day i started to speak and the investigators just kept saying i don't understand (i hate this phrase) i took a giant breath said a little prayer and continued to teach the rest of the lesson they didn't question what i had said!
1. ate açai with Sister Diniz after lunch
2. we ate hamburgers to celebrate Sister Diniz and Sister Dias 1 year and 3 months
3. i have pictures of a cat with a bird in its mouth (Mom note: I did not post these pictures! If you really want to see them, just ask!)
4. a very nice lady helped the other sister pay for their hamburgers because their cards didn't work
1. splits with Sister Poulsen <3
2. we had a difficult decision to make, she (Poulsen) has a RC about 30 minutes away and this would be her last week seeing him before she leaves, but we couldn't get a hold of him, so we didn't want to go and him not be there, but we said a prayer and asked what to do, we received an answer then prayed and read scriptures to confirm right as i finished the prayer the bus showed up, and the scripture we read was Alma 37:10 its perfect
3. the investigator said my português is better than Poulsen's when she arrived here in Matão - that's strange to hear
1. we had ward conference i sang in the choir
2. i have never prayed so much in my life, there is no more good to say about Sunday a VERY hard day for me and my companion
but this was my week i loved doing this, mom thank you for this challenge! i challenge everyone at home to do the same in everyday - find at least 3-5 good things that happened for you. i love my family and the milagres that are happening for us, i love my mission and the chance i have to learn and grow. thank you for all the support i have from home.
eu te amo<3 

Sister Moss

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