Monday, September 4, 2017

Ether 12:27

This week has been different I'm having a hard time learning the area because it's so much bigger than El Dorado, but it's good...

this week i have been studying in the Book of Mormon too, as a mission we started again this past transfer and we need to read up to Alma 14 before this transfer is over. i am in Mosiah 7 but i read a scripture this week and it stood out for me more than normal, the scripture was Ether 12:27 but the first part stood out "and if men come unto me i will show them their weakness" this week I've seen EVERY weakness that i have - either i realized one or someone pointed it out. i have a lot of work to do to become the person the Lord needs me to be and i know everyday i try my very best to learn and grow more... 

<Mom note: In his letter to Sister Moss, her dad made it clear that she was missing one really important part of that scripture (it's always easier for us to see the "negative" first, isn't it?) Here is his response to her: 

...and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them. Ether 12:27 

Highlights from his first paragraph... I have never had to worry about you... incredible person... biggest heart... care about people - and about what the Lord thinks and wants... The Lord has blessed you with so many strengths... natural leader... every coach that watched you play told me so; they said they wished that everyone on the team had your heart, your kindness, your willingness to listen and to learn.

Here's his complete second paragraph: Sis, listen to me now - they Lord is ready to show forth his power in you, today is the day that you start believing that Jesus Christ can make more out of you than you can ever make of yourself. All you need to do is get out of the way and watch the miracles happen. Everyday I notice my weaknesses as a husband, father, brother, son, friend and bishop. But then every single moment I notice that Jesus Christ is taking over, giving me EVERYTHING I need to the person he needs me to be. That is not the perfect person, just an instrument in His hands that day to accomplish what He needs.

It is time to stop worrying about what you cannot do and see what Christ can do with you. 

End of Dad's response.>

The language is becoming easier but I still struggle everyday, as well. everyone says 6 months is where it makes sense and you should be good, so i am hoping within the next 3 weeks i will finally get it!! i have faith!

we have only 2 investigators they are progressing very well, only thing they need to do is come to church, it's so frustrating when they don't come because we will have to cut them soon, and i don't want to do that because then they wont care to keep learning and growing. i am loving the mission and the sisters i live with help me so much! my companion tries really really hard to stop me from speaking any kind of English!! i don't speak it a whole lot, just when i forget a word or out of habit to say an English word... hahahah

i love you all so so much and i hope you all know that i miss you and pray for you all everyday <3

com todo meu coração eu amo tu <3

Sister Moss

Sister Moss did not send pictures this week, so here's our family's message to all of you...
Sister Moss has received this same message!

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