Monday, August 28, 2017

Learning My New Area

This week has been a super fast but slow week. i cant believe its already Monday again but slow because I'm learning a new area where i don't know anything and it's difficult!!! but I'm doing GREAT!! 

Matão is so beautiful!! so many green trees and pretty flowers and soccer fields on every corner!! right now in the mission (6 months) is when normally Americans finally "get" the language and it's pretty much true, it's still difficult to understand everything but it's is so so so much better now!!  i still have a long way to go but i am so happy where i am at!! if anyone who speaks (Brazil) Portuguese i would love advice to learn congerações much faster this is my one thing i struggle with most!! 

this week we have been looking for the less active members because there are so many, the ward here has about 300 people but only about 60 come to church each week! crazy right, so us missionaries are going to be focusing on the members a lot to help strengthen the ward.. 

my new companion, she is great. she is super funny! i have learned that she loves to bite people and is the only girl in her family, she didn't really want to serve a mission but she felt she needed to so she is here.. she is 21 and has about 4 months left in the mission, i live with 3 sisters that are all trunky one is Sister Poulsen she is the most trunky because she only has 5 weeks left:( :) and then Sister Dias and Sister Diniz have the same amount of time. its pretty funny!! 

oh on the way to church the bishop stopped us in the road and asked me (30 minutes) before church started to give a 10 minute talk... my heart dropped. i had no time to plan and write what i wanted to say i was close to saying no because i am not comfortable with my Portuguese enough to do this but i didn't. i said yes i would, he smiled then left me to panic about this!! hahah we arrived in church and i looked for scriptures and i started thinking about about what to say and i was kind of freaking out, but he got up to conduct the meeting and he didn't announce my name to talk, he had decided to speak himself... oh my heart was so happy!!! but at the same time i was sad i didn't get the chance to speak. weird right.. i was sad i didn't need to but more than excited too!! 

But i love you all so much and miss you all everyday!! have a great week!! 

com todo meu coração 
Eu Amo Você <3
Sister Moss


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