Monday, August 21, 2017

Yes, I was Transferred

yes i was transfered and it was super sad to be leaving El Dorado, but it's a good thing to!!!
i am now in Matâo! i do know one sister here SISTER POULSEN!!!! hahhah i am so excited, my new companion is sister Diniz she is Brazilian and that's all i know other than she was companions with Sister Munson too! hahah i receive all Sister Munson's companions!
Yesterday we had a family home evening with A and E (recent converts) i love them, at the end they wanted to give a speech about me and it was super sweet then they wanted me to say something and you know me a big baby i cried but so did everyone else there - other members and missionaries, it was sweet and i will miss them so much! i am glad A has posted pictures!! 
i have been on the bus all day... we left Rio Preto at 7am and arrived in RB at 11 then waited for an hour there for another bus to (another city i cant spell) arrived there at 2:30 then waited until 4 for our last bus to Matâo which was another hour away!!! very long day on the buses!!! so today all i had planned was to sit on the bus!
i am glad you got my letters. i love to send them. it's fun <3
i love you all so much and i am looking forward to a new week in a new area! by the way everyone i talk to about Matâo says i will die here because so so so so so many hills we walk!! i hope to lose more weight!
have a great week everyone <3
Sister Moss

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