Monday, August 14, 2017

Weddings...and baptisms!

ola family

a lot of photos in dropbox

this week was super slow for work because we spent a lot of time planning and preparing for a wedding and a baptism, they turned out great and it was so great to see them so happy!! i am glad this wedding is over too!! as for me i was homesick this week with the wedding but i know that "both" weddings turned out great i saw pictures yesterday and i cried!! ahahah in sacrament i just cried - my investigators got confirmed members and they literally have the light of Christ radiating off of them!! i cried for them and because of the photos!!! 

this week we had meetings with president and it was good, we always talk about Makenzie... ahhah and it was good he gave me advice to help my companion, and we talked about what he could do to help me, and honestly i don't know, a lot of people ask this question but i don't have a answer!! this upcoming Saturday is transfers and i will probably be leaving El Dorado:( i am so sad but excited... i love all the people here and i finally kinda understand them!! 

i am grateful for this chance to serve my mission, i am grateful for my companion i truly love her so much! when she told me all these things about how i need to be better yes it hurt but it has helped me see that i need more work and i need to be better. i try everyday to do this. 

i love you all so much and i am so excited for Parker and Jordan and i am so happy there were all of people there to celebrate with them!! 

com todo meu coração 
eu amo vocês<3
Sister Moss

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