Monday, August 7, 2017

You Are an Answer to my Prayers

hey this week was a little better thank you to everyone who wrote to me i have been crying the whole time I've been reading them i will respond in the next week not much time today. but thank you so much i love you all!!

this week we have been finishing planning a wedding and a baptism, it's exciting to see them come to activities and church and are excited to be there!! we have a lot of teens that we are teaching and it's so good we have 5 people for baptism this upcoming Saturday but i think only two will actually be there. so next week! as for my companion and i we are doing a little better. she still is closed off but we did talk a little, thanks for the advice i will continue to love her and serve her..  

this week i have been reading in 2 Nephi and about the prophecy of the BOM and how important it is. i love the BOM. i start to read and i don't want to put it down, i am also continuing to read about the Christlike attributes and how i can grow them in my life, as well as how i can use them to teach my investigators!! 

i truly love this opportunity to serve my savior and i am grateful for the love he has shown me this week, i am so grateful for everyone that wrote to me. i had been praying all week for the Lord to put people in my life that love me to help me, and i know that you all are an answer to my prayers. i will continue to pray for you all everyday and i continue to study more and more!!

i love you with all my heart <3
Sister Moss

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