Monday, April 2, 2018

I Love General Conference

I loved conference this week i cant wait to read the talks again in English to be able to fully understand what was said but i know that every word was said with the power of god and that every single person that spoke truly is a disciple of Christ in these days.. i am so happy for the new temples and that the church is growing every day... this week was great but very stressful, i have some very good news that i received this week i get to stay in Brazil.... i went and got my visa renewed and i can stay in Brazil... hahah i lost 2 days of work because i went to a different city outside the mission to get it done, but all is well.
i am so grateful for the time i have had this Easter season to learn so much more about our Savior Jesus Christ and the chance i have to help others get to know him as well.. 
um other good news is that this week we are preparing for a baptism... her name is Kelli and she is awesome. she watched all four sessions on conference with us and she loved every minute and has so many questions about everything!! 
training is a lot of stress. i am having a hard time with my comp because she has anxiety and doesn't want and doesn't like to do the little things, like knocking on doors or talking to the people in the street.. so its a bit harder doing everything alone.. i am praying for her everyday to overcome her fears... i just hope i am helping her in anyway.. <Mom note: We talked to Sister Moss about this and reminded her that she had a difficult time in the beginning too. She agreed and this reminder was very helpful to her!>

one thing I've learned about other people is that i cant control them. even if i want to, they can make their own choices and what they do, i cant be held accountable for. if its wrong, i know at least i tried to help... 
one thing I've learned about me is that i truly am a daughter of a King, i already knew that but throughout my mission i have truly come to know and love my Father in Heaven.. i know that all of my weaknesses is to help me become stronger and that without a doubt i am changing everyday to be the young women that our Father in Heaven needs me to be.. i know that things have changed and i know that i am a better person than when i left. i am so grateful for the opportunity that i have to live and serve for our Lord and that everyday i place His name on my chest and i know that i am a representative of Him in these latter days.. 

i know this is the true church on the earth and that Heavenly Father and Jesus are truly leading and guiding us in the latter days!! i love our Savior with all my heart. i hope everyone has a great week.
Love Sister Moss

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