Monday, April 30, 2018

Great Week!

This week was great. i am so HAPPY that i was able to watch the baptism of Kilik and Eva.. they looked to beautiful/handsome in white and they are so happy and i love that..

also this week was a good one we have been able to find a lot of good people to start teaching.. its moving very slow here in Barretos but thats all good.. life is good and moving forward.. with transfers i am staying in Barretos, i will be finishing the training of Sister Freire and Sister Sage will be living with me again... i am SUPER upset one of my best friends here was transferred and i may or may not have cried... she (Sister Mevs) is one of my sisters forever now.. and its so sad that she doesn't live with me anymore.. i know that i will see her again but its still not the same! 

things are going really well for me, i am learning a lot and i know that the Savior is proud of my work here.. sometimes its hard to feel like i am doing good things when i see the people i am helping fall away after a short time or just when people are not accepting but i know without a doubt that Heavenly Father is truly proud of the person i am becoming and of the work I've done here and the work i will continue to do.. i am so grateful for my mission up until now i and i know that this is my time to truly become the women Our Heavenly Father needs me to be!! 

i love you all so much and i hope you all have a great week 
Com Todo Meu Coração Te Amo Muito 💚
Sister Moss

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