Monday, April 16, 2018

So Much Stress

don't have much to say this week but i love you all so much and that i am grateful for the love i can feel from home!!! 

this week was a very stressful week the Lord is truly testing my patience... but its okay i have not screamed or lost control.. had a few things happen with one of our RC and its been a little crazy these last few days but we are praying and fasting and trying all we can do to help her, its been a true test of my faith this last week.. 

I know that its all for my benefit and i am learning and growing so much from this experience... i hope sister freire doesn't give up because its hard... i am working as hard as i can to be showing her how to get past the hard times.

this week in church i gave a talk and i think it went well i will add photos of the papers!!!

sorry this week was a short letter the week was really hard but i know this next week will be better!! <3

i love you all so much 

Sister Moss


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