Monday, April 23, 2018

Not Much to Say!

My week was a good one, i had splits with the SLT and it was a great day we laughed all day! was a good to laugh!! the week itself was good. we hit our goals and its been great i had a few problems with a RC and now the situation got a little to serious and now we aren't going back to her house.. actually she cut all communications with us and doesn't want to go to church anymore. its very sad and it doesn't help my companion feel great, it's her first baptism and 2 weeks afterwards she already doesn't want to come anymore.. 

but enough about the sad - i truly am learning a lot about myself and becoming a better person... i need new shoes so i might buy some this week, and when is the project of drina? the member in my ward will be going to the states in may 

i love you all so much and i cant wait to hear from you all next week <3 

Sister Moss

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