Monday, June 4, 2018



i was transferred to a ward that (I've heard) is very hard to work with and with a companion i dont know and on the other side of the mission away from everyone i know and i just feel alone here.. i know its just a start to a new transfer and i will give my whole heart in helping this ward be better and to fit in here..  i know that there is a reason for everything and that it will all be okay. i know that i can and will finish strong and that our savior will be helping me like always.

this last week in Barretos was really sad, i HATE goodbyes, and the week was full of them.. members and other missionaries that i wont be seeing again before i come home!! but i love the work we did.. we had 2 people in church with us and they are really progessing well one has a baptism on the 9th which is Saturday i hope i will get the pictures of him!! things are going well i know things will be good in my new area!! 

have a great week <3


Sister Moss

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