Monday, June 18, 2018

A Plea from the Missionaries

It's awesome to hear all of the good things going on at home tell Makenna and Trey congrats for me!!

My companion is Sister Santos she is from Santos- Sao Paulo she has 6 months in the mission and she is the daughter of Sister Prieto!! (Meaning Sister Prieto trained her) we are living alone and its something very new for me. i thought i would hate it but i dont hate it, but its not my favorite. i like more people here!!! 

the ward is great they help us in literally whatever we need!! this is the wealthiest area in Ribeirao. its crazy, the members live in the nicest house i've ever seen!! all of our investigators are references and its so much easier to work. i have one piece of advice for you 
PLEASE GIVE REFERENCES TO THE MISSIONARIES -- PLEASE!!! It makes all the difference!!! 1/3 references are baptized and 1/100 contacts in the road are baptized. please help the missionaries!

sorry its very short this week but know i love you all!! 

Love, Sister Moss

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