Monday, December 4, 2017

It was a great week, filled with so much love...

thank you so much for the fast this week was a hard one for me and my portugues thank you mommy...

this week was filled with miracles i had splits with Sister Chapple!!! we found 8 new investigators in one day it was a crazy but amazing experience... we had all of our appts. fall through and so we sat down and said a prayer to see what we needed to do for they rest of the night, like 2 minutes after we finished the prayer a little girl on a bike rode up and started asking questions, then we asked her to take us to her house to meet her family when we got there we taught 8 people and the spirit was so strong i know that our Heavenly Father hears our prayers and answers them. it was a great week we had 3 people in church with us and we did a fast with some of our investigators that are trying to stop smoking and drinking!! it was a great week and filled with so much love!!!

Sister Chapple will be bring home a present for the "house" its more of a funny gift but i love it!! i will be giving her you phone number so you can talk to her about picking up the gift or meeting her somewhere to get it... i will let you know bout the packages i have 3 chances to get them before Christmas so i pray they get here soon!!!

today we are going paint balling and i am more than excited... i left the house 2 times this week in "normal" clothes hahahaha

i dont have a lot of time but i love you so much and know that i think and pray fro you all the time i love you with all my heart!!! 
Love, Sister Moss

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