Monday, December 11, 2017

Be All In!

Here on the mission there are many times when i am just sad because the people wont accept the gospel and they just ignore the fact that this is the truth... i know that every moment i give to our Father he is helping me and giving me what i need to be the best missionary he needs for the people i am serving! one slogan my mission has is "Be All In" its something that is said over 100 time a week, we know that there are people who will not listen and that will just ignore us or that will slam the door in our faces but the real miracle is when you find those special people who have been prepared and are waiting for me... this week is probably my last week in Matão and i am so very sad to say that, i have been working with a man for the last 4 months and he is ready to be baptized... we have it planned for this upcoming Sunday and i pray that i am here to see him accept the gospel fully in his life. i know that if I'm not it will be alright because i know he is still choosing the right path and has changed his life completely...

i know this is hard but i wouldn't want it another way. i know that our Savior was born for us to grow and live his gospel to help the others who don't have it, and i know that he has died and lives again for us all... i love my Savior and this opportunity i have to be a representative of his!!<3 

i got your package and i love all the things and i cant wait to open the 12 days of Christmas!!!! about the clothes yes very normal to trade or use others clothes, hahahah i haven't bought much just one skirt... we get home late so we don't cook a whole lot of big meals normally i eat a ham and cheese sandwich toasted, some weeks if i plan my money well enough i will have eggs... we eat things that are really fast and easy to make if we have time to make a meal its normally spaghetti. in the stores, they don have a lot of American food and if they do its REALLY expensive... i am feeling great i have lost a lot of weight and everyone says so.... my feet don't hurt anymore, (well sometimes) and every once in a while my knees hurt - i walk a lot of hills so its normal!!! Elder Cottam and Elder Ramsay are in my zone i have some picture of paintball up that i think they are in... also Elder Skousen is from Gilbert 

i hope i answered all your questions by the way for Christmas P-Day will stay P-day and i don't know where ill be

i love you all so so much have a great week<3 

Love, Sister Moss

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