Friday, April 7, 2017

Week Three - New Roommates


This week have been very chill. Not a lot has changed except I had to move!!! Crazy right, I was in a room with 5 Americans and we got a group of about 35 Brazilians so they moved us around to where I now have Brazilians as roommates which is interesting. I can't talk a lot with them but I'm trying! This will be good for me.

Also this week we went proselyting and that was so scary - I don't know Portuguese! hahah I knew that but it just confirmed my thoughts. We had 7 Books of Mormon to hand out between our companionship and we did it! It was so cool to be able to be out on the streets with the people!

Today we didn't get to go to the temple because it's been raining and the bus that takes us couldn't come and get us, so we've been hanging out at the CTM all day. Kinda nice and kinda boring at the same time! hahah It's hard to be with my companion at times because she's just like <that old friend I told yu about last week> but I have patience and I'm getting through it.

Also conference was great. So different watching as a missionary. I couldn't watch in my PJs which was sad, but that's okay. I missed your cinnamon rolls though like crazy. I was in front of Kenzie for conference and that was cool to still have family there, I filled my notepad with conference notes. I think my favorite talk was Neil L Anderson! So great. Anyway, I love you and I miss you, hope the cruise is great and I'm jealous your holding a monkey!!

Love you lots. Be safe. I pray for you all every night!


Sister Moss

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