Friday, March 31, 2017

Week Two - A Picture!


This week was better. Still not sleeping well but I never did at home so it's all good. Yes, I got a blessing and it couldn't have been more perfect! People in my district - 4 elders and their names are Elder Mansfield, Elder Murdoch, Elder Moran, and Elder Bagely. They are awesome and super cool! The sisters are Sister Erickson, Sister Jabreak, Sister Renshaw, then me and my companion. I love them all so much!

Sister Munson (my companion) reminds me of <an old friend> and its kind of difficult but we do work pretty well together. I tried to get over the fact she reminds me of <that old friend> but more and more each day I can see <that friend> in her. But there is a reason she is my companion and I will make the best of it!

Tomorrow we are going proselyting, and that's so crazy cool, and terrifying. I can't wait for conference this week, it's going to be great! P-days we go to the temple come back and email, then we have until 5 to be on the streets walking and exploring!!

By the way, we are teaching about 5-ish lessons a week and on one of the harder ones we went in with a script to read and to teach but we didn't use any of it at all!! I had a whole conversation in Portuguese, which was super cool!

I have two instructors. They are amazing and super cool. I will send pics by Mother's Day! My favorite thing so far is probably my district. We get along so great and it's amazing to see how close we've grown in only 3 short weeks. I can't wait to hear about your cruise; you will have to send lots of pics!!

I Miss you all so much<3 and love you more!  So happy about Zac - sad we will miss it but that's okay!

love you<3

Sister Moss

Sister Moss and Sister Fuoco
At the Temple

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