Monday, February 5, 2018

New City, New Companion

i love you great grandma i know that this is Heavenly Father´s Plan and i know without a doubt that she will be happy and healthy and with great grandpa soon. i am grateful for our knowledge about this plan and that we know exactly what will happen. 

hey so this week was a very stressful week... all week we had been thinking about transfers and what would happen and people just kept rejecting us so that doesn't help... we had been doing so well finding people and having people in church with us and i know that in this time of difficulties its a test to show our faith and what will will do to show our savior that we are willing to do all for him!! 

yes i was transferred and it was a SURPRISE to us all and to be honest i am not that excited to be transferred, okay not excited is an understatement, when we received the call i was super upset and i cried and left the room because i was so mad, i went to my room and just prayed to know why, why i had to say goodbye to so many people i love and why so fast ...i had plans and things to do in Birigui, people i didn't want to say goodbye too, but in the end i know that this is the Lord´s plan he knows best and i know that there is a reason that i was transferred.. this transfer i am in Barretos its all about the country here, i am now senior to my new companion Sis. Araujo she has 7 months in the mission and she is from Maranhão, Nordeste.. that's all i know about her as for now its been less than 5 hours together... as of being senior i don't think i am ready to be senior but i know without a doubt that the Lord knows Best in all things and that if he thinks i am ready i trust in him, i will continue give my whole heart, and all my efforts to the Savior.. 

we had meetings with President and he asked what has changed the most in the mission and i just thought for a minute and my only response was that i have changed and that i have learned to truly study and feast upon the scriptures and and i just know that i have changed for the better and that i know that our Savior is truly molding me into the person he needs me to be and that through him i know that all things are possible and that he truly knows the best.. i guess that is my theme in my mission is that our Father in Heaven Knows Best!! 

i love you all so much and i miss you so much!! know that the lord is watching over you all<3 

sister moss


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