Monday, February 12, 2018

I love my Savior with all my heart

This week, the first as senior honestly its just a title and doesn't mean much to me.. the only thing different is that i have the telephone and i am the one who gets "yelled" at if our numbers are low, so that's about it.. nothing special... this week i am trying to get to know the new area its giant!!! i live with S. Mevs shes Brazilian and her companion is S. Peralta she's from Chile.. they are cool. good be getting to know new people!!!

The members i have met are great they help a lot and are very strong in the gospel!! we don't have a lot of investigators we've cut a lot this week and will be starting fresh!! we have one family that's almost ready for baptism, just need to get over the fear of making mistakes again after baptism... does anyone have any advice on what we could teach them to know that even with our mistakes we still have a chance to be clean again? we've already taught them a lot about how the process of repentance is for before and after the  baptism but they still don't get it. if anyone has any ideas it would be a big help!!

well that's it for this week i am excited to be here in Barretos and to be serving our Savior!!! i love Him with all my heart!!<3

sister moss

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