Monday, June 18, 2018

Why Did I Come on a Mission?

So happy for everything that happening at home. i am glad the kids are enjoying the activities that you have planned.. 

This week was a bit hard we had worked a lot and had nothing to show for it until Friday night!! i know that the Savior is always helping. we had a lot of help from him this week.. there was a point during the week i asked why was last week so easy and this week is so very hard, like no one cared for anything and my companion and i just had rough days and we were complaining about it and the Lord was like trust in me and everything will be alright and that same day we had been just walking in center and we had miracles happen. we had three people stop us to talk to us about the church and now they are doing well in the lessons.. also we went to church and had none of our investigators there but Heavenly Father helped and put a new family in our path so we can teach...

The week was great and i know without a doubt i couldnt have done it without my Savior on my side!!<3 
Mom asked me a couple of questions and I want to share my answers with everyone...Here are the questions she asked: Why did you go on a mission? Why do you think Heavenly Father needed you in Brazil? AND have you done what He’s asked you to do?
I am on my mission for a lot of reasons, but the most important is because i know that this gospel can change lives and that it helps our families have happiness.. i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my family and knowing that we can be together forever and that we are happy all the time. i know without a doubt that Brasil is the place our Father in Heaven needed me, i have never doubted it.. i know that they people ive helped needed me and i know that i have had the chance to change their lives for the better.. i try everyday to do what he has asked and a lot of the days i feel like i am doing well.. we can always improve and be better, i know that my Heavenly Father is proud of my work and that i have done what he needs.. i love my mission and the chance i have to be here <3 
i love you all so much have a great week<3 
Love, Sister Moss

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