Monday, October 16, 2017

I Jumped up and Screamed!

this week!!! i am at 7 months now i don't know what happened i blinked once and i was 4 months blinked again and now i am 7!!! it's so crazy how fast time is going!! 
this week i had a funny experience we were in a lesson and a cockroach landed on me and it was giant!!! needless to say i jumped up out of my seat and screamed!! my companion and our investigator just laughed at me, my companion couldn't believe i screamed... then i ate American food like fruit by the foot, and chips and candy... a greenie received a package this week!! 
we had 6 sisters in the house this week because they were doing splits, it was crazy loud!! we had a lot of miracles this week. we finally met our goal of new investigators. i think this is the first time in 8 week my companion and i have been together! oh we were knocking on doors and i asked a lady how long shes lived here in Matão and her response was " why do you want to know" hahhah super funny!!!! we have been singing a lot of music in English because the Brazilians use it as a way to study English, i have sent 2 rounds of letters they should be there around 20th and the 25th!!
these next weeks include zone conference this week. the following week we have our interviews with president and this time it will be in our companionship, i am nervous for it because this will be the first time i will speak to president in Português, he always speaks to the Americans in English... and the same week i will have splits, and then in 2 weeks transfers again this transfer is only 5 weeks. its much faster!! my companion has 10 weeks left in her mission which means i have 10 week until skype... i only know a number because she is more than excited to be finishing her mission...
but i love you all so much and i miss you more than you know!! have a great week
Com todo Meu Coração
Eu Amo Vocês

Sister Moss

Monday, October 9, 2017

Heavenly Father Will Never Leave Us

i am so happy the kids are at home and love it there... I bet you are so tired!!
this week was a good one for work we have 3 new investigators that show real promise, they are looking for a church to join one that brings peace and comfort into there lives... another thing we had a investigator in church with us!! the second week in a row. they are all progressing well and are excited for the baptism date we gave them. its exciting to be teaching, i really enjoy it!!!
This week for me was a bit hard to speak my português, i could understand and everything but i just couldn't speak, everyone we talked with laughed at my português or called it cute (i don't know if thats a good thing) but i am working and studying everyday to get better... i know its all in the Lords timing.
This week i have been reading in Alma 5-26 and i love it because its all about missionary work and showing forth the power that the Lord has to help his sons and daughters whether they are righteous or the most wicked people there... as a missionary its good to know that even the most wicked (or most difficult) investigators that in our Saviors timing they will accept the gospel. i know that its hard for a lot of people to accept that everything happened in the Lords time and how he wants, it difficult for me but i know that if we just trust him we will never go astray... i pray everyday for my português to be better than the day before, i pray to know exactly what to say and do to help my investigators and my companion.. there is one thing i learned is to ALWAYS turn to our Father in Heaven because he will never leave us.
i am grateful for this opportunity to serve my mission here in Brazil, i am grateful for the chance to learn português no matter how hard it is for me.. i know this is exactly where i need to be!!!
Com todo meu coração
eu te amo <3

Monday, October 2, 2017

My Friend Went Home

Transfers again!!!!

i am staying in Matão with Sister Diniz <3 Sad news about transfers is that Sister Poulsen is gone :( She is returning home, mission completed for her. it's sad but i am excited for her! it was sad when we dropped her of at the bus station Saturday, we said goodbye and she got on the bus but the bus didn't leave, she called us to the window and said it's awkward with us there still. i know she didn't want to cry in front of us!!!
i am so happy for you guys and i love the picture with the kids, i can't wait to meet them at Christmas!!! its so exciting and i couldn't be more happy for our family!!
this week was a slow but good week we gave 2 dates for baptism and they both are progressing very well, and excited for conference!! a miracle - we had 2 PEOPLE IN CHURCH with us.. in 6 weeks here in Matão these are the first to come to church!! it's finally starting to get better the work here, slow but it's coming!! 
Conference was great. i like listening in portugues in this moment in my mission because i know everything. i actually understood was what i needed to hear! it was great i was able to watch 5 session (including womens) i can't wait to receive the Liahona for conference to be able to read the talks!!!
this week its has been raining for 4 days straight i love it!! but it is becoming summer here and they say it gets way hot here i am not ready for that!
i love you all tons have a great week

Sister Moss

Sooooccccccerrrr Fieeeeldsssss. Wahhhhhhh! Boooo Hoooooo :-(


Monday, September 25, 2017

I pray that I will forget English until I need it!

I am so excited to hear all the good things happening at home it makes it easier to be away!  i am so excited for you guys to meet the kiddos this week, i love the picture you guys sent, i look at it often and im still in shock but i am so happy.. i pray everyday for you all, to feel my love and support from brazil!

its getting a lot easier here, the work is still hard but the language is much easier, i pray that i will forget English until i need it.... i think its finally happened where i can understand and speak, I'm not perfect and i have a lot more to learn but it's finally not my major worry!!

things are going well, i am excited for transfers this week, and to see what will happen. but i am so sad too, Sister Poulsen finishes her mission this week, and the other two sisters in my house start their count down of 12 weeks!! let's just say the people in my house a little trunky (excited to go home)!! but it's all good, they all help me a lot with my Portugues and its wonderful.. 

this week i studied in Mosiah 20 - Alma 1 but i loved Mosiah chapters 23 and 24. mostly in Mosiah. it's about how the Lord will lighten our burdens when we are struggling, he will always be there to help us no matter what, sometimes we don't acknowledge him there but he is and will always be there..

eu sou muito grato por este oportunidade para servir minha missão, eu sei que, nosso pai celestial vai sempre ajudar nos em qualquer coisa no queremos para fazer. eu sei que nenhuma momento passar eu não sinto seus amor pra mim! muito obrigada por todos quem apoio mim aqui em Brazil, eu quero vocês para saber eu orei cada dia por vocês todos. eu amo Brazil, eu amo português e este oportunidade pra aprender<3

Sister Moss

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My List of Postives...

my love for my family grows more and more each day!!!
this weeks email will be a little different than normal. my mom wanted me to write 3-5 good things in everyday so i will just list what i have written down.
1. P-day we went shopping ate açai
2. i watched movies (thanks mom)
3. we had a family home evening and as we walked into the house the member asked why we were so happy and smiling and then she said she can see our love for one another, us sisters are a family!
1. i fasted for my português today
2. the sisters were ask to sing in the choir for our ward conference
3. district meeting, today we changed it up and we meet with all the district leaders not just mine
4. i said a whole sentence in português without a mistake
1. today started rough so i knelt down and asked for peace and comfort, and i had this wonderful overwhelming peace, it was wonderful
2. i taught the English class this week
3. we ate açai to celebrate Sister Poulsen - she hit her 1 year and 5 months, shes about done!!
1. 6 months for me today, we ate pizza to celebrate for me
2. a great day with my companion
3. i wrote a letter to kenzie in português and there weren't a lot of mistakes!!
4. in our only lesson for the day i started to speak and the investigators just kept saying i don't understand (i hate this phrase) i took a giant breath said a little prayer and continued to teach the rest of the lesson they didn't question what i had said!
1. ate açai with Sister Diniz after lunch
2. we ate hamburgers to celebrate Sister Diniz and Sister Dias 1 year and 3 months
3. i have pictures of a cat with a bird in its mouth (Mom note: I did not post these pictures! If you really want to see them, just ask!)
4. a very nice lady helped the other sister pay for their hamburgers because their cards didn't work
1. splits with Sister Poulsen <3
2. we had a difficult decision to make, she (Poulsen) has a RC about 30 minutes away and this would be her last week seeing him before she leaves, but we couldn't get a hold of him, so we didn't want to go and him not be there, but we said a prayer and asked what to do, we received an answer then prayed and read scriptures to confirm right as i finished the prayer the bus showed up, and the scripture we read was Alma 37:10 its perfect
3. the investigator said my português is better than Poulsen's when she arrived here in Matão - that's strange to hear
1. we had ward conference i sang in the choir
2. i have never prayed so much in my life, there is no more good to say about Sunday a VERY hard day for me and my companion
but this was my week i loved doing this, mom thank you for this challenge! i challenge everyone at home to do the same in everyday - find at least 3-5 good things that happened for you. i love my family and the milagres that are happening for us, i love my mission and the chance i have to learn and grow. thank you for all the support i have from home.
eu te amo<3 

Sister Moss

Monday, September 11, 2017

Weaknesses Changing to Strengths

this week... i am working everyday to listen to the spirit guide me and my companion in where we need to go, who we need to talk to, and what i need to say to help these people understand and accept the gospel.. this week was a good one. we had splits 2 times this week, one with the STL

the first splits i was with Sister Dos Santos. she is awesome and we got along great and we had great lessons, we had a great experience too. we got to the investigators house and she told us of all her problems have been having a lot of problems in her home, but we showed up and she welcomed us in, we were there and started to teach, i felt the spirit so strong, i am finally saying the 1st vision in portugues without reading!!! it helps a lot to feel the spirit more, but anyway, we finished and i had asked her how she felt, she instantly said happy and peaceful, i was more than happy for her, because i know we showed up in her life at just the right moment!! then i had a prompting to say "i know we are just young adults, but i want you to know we truly love you and are here for you in all things" she just started to cry, i know that its what she needed to hear - and me as well.. its great to know how much our Savior loves us...
and then one splits just with our house to help in my area. the first splits i was with Sister Dos Santos. she is awesome and we got along great and had great lessons, the second i was with Sister Poulsen, we walked about 2 hours to the other side of the earth for one lesson that we didn't even get to teach, but that's okay. we talked with the investigator and he is super excited to hear our lessons. we met him in our English class!! its so cool.. other than that we are having a hard time contacting new investigators we talk to everyone but no one cares for us to return, so its sad!!! but we will keep trying!
i know this is exactly where i need to be, and what i need to be doing. i know i have my weaknesses but i do see them changing to strengths everyday, and i am grateful for the love our Savior has for me and everyone there. i can see a glimpse of how much he loves me by the way i love the people of Brazil. i know that this will continue to be hard but i know that its worth every moment. i love my mission and i am so happy to be serving our Lord!!

i love you with all my heart and i am grateful for everyone that has played a role in my life..
com todo meu coração 

Eu te Amo<3

Sister Moss

Monday, September 4, 2017

Ether 12:27

This week has been different I'm having a hard time learning the area because it's so much bigger than El Dorado, but it's good...

this week i have been studying in the Book of Mormon too, as a mission we started again this past transfer and we need to read up to Alma 14 before this transfer is over. i am in Mosiah 7 but i read a scripture this week and it stood out for me more than normal, the scripture was Ether 12:27 but the first part stood out "and if men come unto me i will show them their weakness" this week I've seen EVERY weakness that i have - either i realized one or someone pointed it out. i have a lot of work to do to become the person the Lord needs me to be and i know everyday i try my very best to learn and grow more... 

<Mom note: In his letter to Sister Moss, her dad made it clear that she was missing one really important part of that scripture (it's always easier for us to see the "negative" first, isn't it?) Here is his response to her: 

...and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them. Ether 12:27 

Highlights from his first paragraph... I have never had to worry about you... incredible person... biggest heart... care about people - and about what the Lord thinks and wants... The Lord has blessed you with so many strengths... natural leader... every coach that watched you play told me so; they said they wished that everyone on the team had your heart, your kindness, your willingness to listen and to learn.

Here's his complete second paragraph: Sis, listen to me now - they Lord is ready to show forth his power in you, today is the day that you start believing that Jesus Christ can make more out of you than you can ever make of yourself. All you need to do is get out of the way and watch the miracles happen. Everyday I notice my weaknesses as a husband, father, brother, son, friend and bishop. But then every single moment I notice that Jesus Christ is taking over, giving me EVERYTHING I need to the person he needs me to be. That is not the perfect person, just an instrument in His hands that day to accomplish what He needs.

It is time to stop worrying about what you cannot do and see what Christ can do with you. 

End of Dad's response.>

The language is becoming easier but I still struggle everyday, as well. everyone says 6 months is where it makes sense and you should be good, so i am hoping within the next 3 weeks i will finally get it!! i have faith!

we have only 2 investigators they are progressing very well, only thing they need to do is come to church, it's so frustrating when they don't come because we will have to cut them soon, and i don't want to do that because then they wont care to keep learning and growing. i am loving the mission and the sisters i live with help me so much! my companion tries really really hard to stop me from speaking any kind of English!! i don't speak it a whole lot, just when i forget a word or out of habit to say an English word... hahahah

i love you all so so much and i hope you all know that i miss you and pray for you all everyday <3

com todo meu coração eu amo tu <3

Sister Moss

Sister Moss did not send pictures this week, so here's our family's message to all of you...
Sister Moss has received this same message!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Learning My New Area

This week has been a super fast but slow week. i cant believe its already Monday again but slow because I'm learning a new area where i don't know anything and it's difficult!!! but I'm doing GREAT!! 

Matão is so beautiful!! so many green trees and pretty flowers and soccer fields on every corner!! right now in the mission (6 months) is when normally Americans finally "get" the language and it's pretty much true, it's still difficult to understand everything but it's is so so so much better now!!  i still have a long way to go but i am so happy where i am at!! if anyone who speaks (Brazil) Portuguese i would love advice to learn congerações much faster this is my one thing i struggle with most!! 

this week we have been looking for the less active members because there are so many, the ward here has about 300 people but only about 60 come to church each week! crazy right, so us missionaries are going to be focusing on the members a lot to help strengthen the ward.. 

my new companion, she is great. she is super funny! i have learned that she loves to bite people and is the only girl in her family, she didn't really want to serve a mission but she felt she needed to so she is here.. she is 21 and has about 4 months left in the mission, i live with 3 sisters that are all trunky one is Sister Poulsen she is the most trunky because she only has 5 weeks left:( :) and then Sister Dias and Sister Diniz have the same amount of time. its pretty funny!! 

oh on the way to church the bishop stopped us in the road and asked me (30 minutes) before church started to give a 10 minute talk... my heart dropped. i had no time to plan and write what i wanted to say i was close to saying no because i am not comfortable with my Portuguese enough to do this but i didn't. i said yes i would, he smiled then left me to panic about this!! hahah we arrived in church and i looked for scriptures and i started thinking about about what to say and i was kind of freaking out, but he got up to conduct the meeting and he didn't announce my name to talk, he had decided to speak himself... oh my heart was so happy!!! but at the same time i was sad i didn't get the chance to speak. weird right.. i was sad i didn't need to but more than excited too!! 

But i love you all so much and miss you all everyday!! have a great week!! 

com todo meu coração 
Eu Amo Você <3
Sister Moss


Monday, August 21, 2017

Yes, I was Transferred

yes i was transfered and it was super sad to be leaving El Dorado, but it's a good thing to!!!
i am now in Matâo! i do know one sister here SISTER POULSEN!!!! hahhah i am so excited, my new companion is sister Diniz she is Brazilian and that's all i know other than she was companions with Sister Munson too! hahah i receive all Sister Munson's companions!
Yesterday we had a family home evening with A and E (recent converts) i love them, at the end they wanted to give a speech about me and it was super sweet then they wanted me to say something and you know me a big baby i cried but so did everyone else there - other members and missionaries, it was sweet and i will miss them so much! i am glad A has posted pictures!! 
i have been on the bus all day... we left Rio Preto at 7am and arrived in RB at 11 then waited for an hour there for another bus to (another city i cant spell) arrived there at 2:30 then waited until 4 for our last bus to Matâo which was another hour away!!! very long day on the buses!!! so today all i had planned was to sit on the bus!
i am glad you got my letters. i love to send them. it's fun <3
i love you all so much and i am looking forward to a new week in a new area! by the way everyone i talk to about Matâo says i will die here because so so so so so many hills we walk!! i hope to lose more weight!
have a great week everyone <3
Sister Moss

Monday, August 14, 2017

Weddings...and baptisms!

ola family

a lot of photos in dropbox

this week was super slow for work because we spent a lot of time planning and preparing for a wedding and a baptism, they turned out great and it was so great to see them so happy!! i am glad this wedding is over too!! as for me i was homesick this week with the wedding but i know that "both" weddings turned out great i saw pictures yesterday and i cried!! ahahah in sacrament i just cried - my investigators got confirmed members and they literally have the light of Christ radiating off of them!! i cried for them and because of the photos!!! 

this week we had meetings with president and it was good, we always talk about Makenzie... ahhah and it was good he gave me advice to help my companion, and we talked about what he could do to help me, and honestly i don't know, a lot of people ask this question but i don't have a answer!! this upcoming Saturday is transfers and i will probably be leaving El Dorado:( i am so sad but excited... i love all the people here and i finally kinda understand them!! 

i am grateful for this chance to serve my mission, i am grateful for my companion i truly love her so much! when she told me all these things about how i need to be better yes it hurt but it has helped me see that i need more work and i need to be better. i try everyday to do this. 

i love you all so much and i am so excited for Parker and Jordan and i am so happy there were all of people there to celebrate with them!! 

com todo meu coração 
eu amo vocês<3
Sister Moss

Monday, August 7, 2017

You Are an Answer to my Prayers

hey this week was a little better thank you to everyone who wrote to me i have been crying the whole time I've been reading them i will respond in the next week not much time today. but thank you so much i love you all!!

this week we have been finishing planning a wedding and a baptism, it's exciting to see them come to activities and church and are excited to be there!! we have a lot of teens that we are teaching and it's so good we have 5 people for baptism this upcoming Saturday but i think only two will actually be there. so next week! as for my companion and i we are doing a little better. she still is closed off but we did talk a little, thanks for the advice i will continue to love her and serve her..  

this week i have been reading in 2 Nephi and about the prophecy of the BOM and how important it is. i love the BOM. i start to read and i don't want to put it down, i am also continuing to read about the Christlike attributes and how i can grow them in my life, as well as how i can use them to teach my investigators!! 

i truly love this opportunity to serve my savior and i am grateful for the love he has shown me this week, i am so grateful for everyone that wrote to me. i had been praying all week for the Lord to put people in my life that love me to help me, and i know that you all are an answer to my prayers. i will continue to pray for you all everyday and i continue to study more and more!!

i love you with all my heart <3
Sister Moss

Monday, July 31, 2017

A very difficult week...

This week was a really hard one for me and my companion, she is struggling and I don't know what to do to help her so it's hard. I've tried talking to her and asking what I can do, but she says nothing. I do all the service I can for her and just love her, so hopefully she will get better soon!!
I am struggling personally with feeling good enough, and it just seems to bee harder everyday. I thought the language would be getting easier but this week it just seem to be 10x harder. Every person I taught would say they don't understand a thing and that doesn't help me feel any better about myself.

Then my companion says I need to learn the lessons because i need a lot of help, I know the material I have grown up in this gospel and I've taught this many times, but she just said I need to read them all over again and learn them... and I know it's to help but it's just hard to hear that "i don't know" the stuff I've been teaching! so this end of the week I've just been crying... oh this week I promised an investigator that I would stop drinking Coca (soda) if they promised to stop coffee - he is struggling with this and so it's been a week since I have had soda!! please pray that I have the strength to continue not drinking it!!!

as for the wedding, it's going well, we have two weeks and things are good, I'm more excited for the baptism the day after the wedding!! on the 12th we have planned 5 baptisms and I pray everyday that they all continue to grow closer to our Savior!!! this week in church we had 6 investigators that's the most since I arrived here.. work is slow we don't have a lot of people to teach but it's going well!!!

I love you all so much and I hope you all have a great week!! <3

com meu todo coraçâo Eu Amo Você
Sister Moss