Monday, December 11, 2017

Be All In!

Here on the mission there are many times when i am just sad because the people wont accept the gospel and they just ignore the fact that this is the truth... i know that every moment i give to our Father he is helping me and giving me what i need to be the best missionary he needs for the people i am serving! one slogan my mission has is "Be All In" its something that is said over 100 time a week, we know that there are people who will not listen and that will just ignore us or that will slam the door in our faces but the real miracle is when you find those special people who have been prepared and are waiting for me... this week is probably my last week in Matão and i am so very sad to say that, i have been working with a man for the last 4 months and he is ready to be baptized... we have it planned for this upcoming Sunday and i pray that i am here to see him accept the gospel fully in his life. i know that if I'm not it will be alright because i know he is still choosing the right path and has changed his life completely...

i know this is hard but i wouldn't want it another way. i know that our Savior was born for us to grow and live his gospel to help the others who don't have it, and i know that he has died and lives again for us all... i love my Savior and this opportunity i have to be a representative of his!!<3 

i got your package and i love all the things and i cant wait to open the 12 days of Christmas!!!! about the clothes yes very normal to trade or use others clothes, hahahah i haven't bought much just one skirt... we get home late so we don't cook a whole lot of big meals normally i eat a ham and cheese sandwich toasted, some weeks if i plan my money well enough i will have eggs... we eat things that are really fast and easy to make if we have time to make a meal its normally spaghetti. in the stores, they don have a lot of American food and if they do its REALLY expensive... i am feeling great i have lost a lot of weight and everyone says so.... my feet don't hurt anymore, (well sometimes) and every once in a while my knees hurt - i walk a lot of hills so its normal!!! Elder Cottam and Elder Ramsay are in my zone i have some picture of paintball up that i think they are in... also Elder Skousen is from Gilbert 

i hope i answered all your questions by the way for Christmas P-Day will stay P-day and i don't know where ill be

i love you all so so much have a great week<3 

Love, Sister Moss

Monday, December 4, 2017

It was a great week, filled with so much love...

thank you so much for the fast this week was a hard one for me and my portugues thank you mommy...

this week was filled with miracles i had splits with Sister Chapple!!! we found 8 new investigators in one day it was a crazy but amazing experience... we had all of our appts. fall through and so we sat down and said a prayer to see what we needed to do for they rest of the night, like 2 minutes after we finished the prayer a little girl on a bike rode up and started asking questions, then we asked her to take us to her house to meet her family when we got there we taught 8 people and the spirit was so strong i know that our Heavenly Father hears our prayers and answers them. it was a great week we had 3 people in church with us and we did a fast with some of our investigators that are trying to stop smoking and drinking!! it was a great week and filled with so much love!!!

Sister Chapple will be bring home a present for the "house" its more of a funny gift but i love it!! i will be giving her you phone number so you can talk to her about picking up the gift or meeting her somewhere to get it... i will let you know bout the packages i have 3 chances to get them before Christmas so i pray they get here soon!!!

today we are going paint balling and i am more than excited... i left the house 2 times this week in "normal" clothes hahahaha

i dont have a lot of time but i love you so much and know that i think and pray fro you all the time i love you with all my heart!!! 
Love, Sister Moss

Monday, November 27, 2017

An ACTUAL Group Email...

i love this letter and i love you with all my heart... know that a day doesn't go by when you and the family are not on my mind. i am so grateful for everything that you have done for me. for all the support in everything from soccer to wanting to go on a mission to being mile and miles away and knowing that you are all being watched over and protected. i am the person i am today because of my family and all the love you guys show me, this week i felt so much love for you all and i was homesick a bit on thanksgiving, knowing that i couldn't be there with you all was very hard but know that i was thinking about you all the time... you all have showed me how to love our Savior with my whole heart, and i know i wouldn't be here today serving my mission if it wasn't for you guys<3 i love you all with my whole heart<3

i have a curse whenever mom or dad gets sick i do too!!! hahah yes this end of the week i got a cold that was pretty rough i had a lot of pain in my whole head to my neck and i had a smokers cough,we ended up staying at home Saturday and Sunday (against my choice) but i am doing better slowly going away!!

this week for work was good we started to visit "A" again, he keeps saying he wants to change his life around but when we paused on seeing him he stopped doing what he needed, like going to church and reading the Book of Mormon. so its kind of hard to see progress in him. other people we are teaching are "J" and "E" and another "J", and a woman named "P", they are are doing great progressing well, the hardest thing is to get people to come to church with us. we do all we can by teaching them why they need to be there and we teach with the spirit but what it comes down too is there own choice to go to church, we would knock on there doors call them but if they don't want to be there they wont go, so its very frustrating for us..

to answer questions, i probably will be transferred the week before Christmas, and no dad there isn't anyone in my ward now that speaks English fluently... i ask president Scholz for permission to Skype with kenzie for Christmas he said that we can...

thank you so much for all of your love and support in all aspects of my life.. i love you all so much and miss you more than you know<3 have a great week

Love Sister Moss

Monday, November 20, 2017

Knocking on Doors is NOT My Favorite Thing!

this week was great for me!! things are going well in matão we are find a lot more people to teach and help accept this gospel! the hardest thing for us is to get people at church.. they just dont care to come but they do everything else we ask!!! yesterday all we did was knock on doors to try and find new investigators!! its not my favorite thing to do but we need more people to teach...
everyday we see little miracles, whether its we have more than 2 lessons, to my português (which by the way is so much better!!) i still have problems with conjugations but i am learning everyday!! also one thing that is very hard for me and português is to read the scriptures in português... its is so hard to try and study in português because i dont fully understand, but its getting there!!!
we are working hard everyday i love that this gospel changes so many lives all at once!!!

eu vou compartilhar meu testemunho com vocês...
sei que esta evangelho é só verdadeiro na esta mundo. sei que nosso Salvador morreu pro cada um de nos. Nenhum dia passar que eu não pensa sobre a expiação de Jesus Cristo.. sei que eu estou aqui por um razão e que nosso Pai Celestial  tem um plano pro cada um de nos. Sei que quando nós compartilhar nossa testemunhas com todas as pessoas nós vamos penetra os coração deles! Com meu todo coração eu sei que nosso Pai Celestial nos ama, e ele vai sempre ajudar em todas as cosais nos queremos fazer, confiar nele, com todo de seu coração!!

Here's the Google Translate version of Sister Moss's Testimony...

I will share my testimony with you ...

I know that this gospel is only true in this world. I know that our Savior died for each one of us. No passing day I do not think about the atonement of Jesus Christ .. I know I am here for a reason and that our Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us. I know that when we share our witnesses with all the people we will penetrate their hearts! With my whole heart I know that our Heavenly Father loves us, and he will always help in all the things we want to do, trust in Him, with all of His heart !!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Love Those who Struggle

This week was a great week i love my companion her name is Sister Prieto and shes from logan utah, she has 6 siblings and she is so funny and we are always laughing! her favorite thing to do in the house is sing and dance... we get along great and i am so excited for this transfer with her..

as for the work we have seen a lot of little miracles ever day, like we have a new investigator or someone accepted a baptism date.. one day we talked to a man who said he doesn't like his pastor anymore and that he and his WHOLE family is looking for something new that brings peace and unity.. we will start teaching them this week!!! Also we met another young man that is very interested in knowing more we did a short summary of lesson one and he accepted a date for baptism too!!! i love working with Sister Prieto she has such a strong testimony and she is a wonderful teacher!!!

Also some very sad news, our investigator who was almost done with smoking and has a baptism date for this next week relapsed, he didn't just smoke this week but he was drinking too:( he was half drunk when we had our marked appt. during this meeting i just expressed how much i was sad and how much love i have for him and that i truly care that he changes... my heart did break, he continually says he wants to change but cant express why, so this week and next week we wont be seeing him, we will start to visit him again in 2 weeks to see how he feels and see if he really cares, and has a desire to come to church without someone calling of knocking on his door every week!!! i am a little scared to be doing this i am afraid that he will just feel abandoned and continue to drink and smoke but i pray that he truly cares to change...

we had stake conference this week and it was great we have Pres. Scholz and Sister Scholz there also a area 70 Elder Joaquin Costa, their talks were wonderful and about how we need to have love for everyone and we need to forgive everyone too... i loved being able to be there and just feel the spirit!! i am loving my mission and it just keeps getting better and better<3 i hope everyone has a great week and i love you all!!!


Sister Moss

Monday, November 6, 2017

I have an American Companion!

TRANSFERS !!!!!!! i am staying in Matão and my new companion is AMERICAN!!! her name is Sister Preito she lives in Logan and has 6 siblings and i love her.. she was in my zone this transfer before so i already know her... we get along great and i am sexcited to see how this new transfer goes!!!

this week was a great week, we didnt have any stress in the dupla and we hit our goals for finding more of our brothers and sisters... i had a great experience with sister sage, we were devoting 4 hours of our day to looking for new investigators in both my area and hers, we had worked in my area for 2 hours and found 3 really promising investigators, then to her area we just kept getting shot down and it was taking its toll... so we decided to stop and pull out the map, we prayed tfor a revelation of where we needed to go we both chose the same road and we weent looking we found 2 people who dont live on that road but were they just for the day... they are new investigators nwe probably wouldnt have found them... it just shows that our Savior will guide us to the people we need to help, the people he needs at this moment...

i am loving my mission, difficulties and all... there is not a day that goes by that i dont thank my Heavenly Father for all that he has given me... and for everything that i have learned!!!
mom answers to questions...

1.i havent gone to the doctor, my feet are so much better one day when i had a lot of pain i just prayed and asked that the pain would go away i needed to be able to walk withour the pain, the next day the pain was gone and so far hasnt come back so i will hold off on going to the doctor!!!
2. i will write an email for keyton in the next week i wont forget


Sister Moss

Sisters Moss and Sage
Sisters Moss, Prieto, and Mevs

Monday, October 30, 2017

I thought church was supposed to be reverent!!

This week has been one of the longest weeks of my life... we have our interviews with president this week which we had in our companionship, i don't like it that way. it went alright...

then i had splits with S. Chapple she is from Arizona too, she is awesome and we had a great time together, sang and talked and ate!!! hahah

We have been working with 2 people most of the time, "A" - he is progressing really well. he loves to learn and grow, the other day he said he wanted to look nice like the bishop, with the white shirt and tie!!! he is trying to stop smoking and he is almost there, we had to push back his baptism for another 2 weeks...

the other is "E" - she is awesome and she loves us and we love her, she also has a date for baptism but she moved yesterday to the other Sisters' area so it's very sad, and she keeps saying she doesn't want other missionaries... but yesterday she was asked to give a small testimony at her church and so she invited us to go and watch, so we did!!! hahah it was so different and SO LOUD... i don't understand how people think screaming and jumping and dancing at church is the right way to respect our Father in Heaven!! but she gave a good thought that wasn't so little.. (took 45 mintues) haha but over all a good week i am glad its over and that we are starting the final week in this transfer... this upcoming Saturday we will be getting transfers... i think i will be staying and my companion will be leaving, but who knows

i love this church and the chance i have to share my testimony with the people of Brazil... i cant wait to see who the Lord makes of me.. i love you all so much and i cant wait to talk to you again!!! <3

Love Sister Moss


Monday, October 23, 2017

I gave the spiritual thought...

This week i have been studying about the atonement and the leading up (the book Jesus the Christ is AMAZING) i am amazed at the love our Savior has for all people, even the people that hated him, and rejected him. i am striving everyday to grow this love in my life... its not easy but i know when i have this love i can and will do everything for my Savior!!!

This week we had zone conference and it was great we got there and one of the assistants came up to me and said "Sister Moss you are giving a thought for today" then he left. hahah. i gave my thought on Alma 36:3 it's about how we need to always have faith and trust in our Savior he will help in all things!! i received a blessing from president this week as well. i asked an elder but he insisted i ask president to help and then after 20 minutes talking to them both president sent the elder back to work and he gave me the blessing, it was really great and i love the comfort it gave me!!

We had a great English class this week, one of my investigators we met during this class and it's been very hard to teach him in his home, so we decided to start teaching him the lessons in English... this week we talked about Book of Mormon stories and we all bore testimony in English about the Book of Mormon, so great!!

Overall there were more good things than bad, and i am loving serving my savior, i look forward to continuing to help and serve others i love you all so much thanks for the love and support you all give to me!!!

Sister Moss

Monday, October 16, 2017

I Jumped up and Screamed!

this week!!! i am at 7 months now i don't know what happened i blinked once and i was 4 months blinked again and now i am 7!!! it's so crazy how fast time is going!! 
this week i had a funny experience we were in a lesson and a cockroach landed on me and it was giant!!! needless to say i jumped up out of my seat and screamed!! my companion and our investigator just laughed at me, my companion couldn't believe i screamed... then i ate American food like fruit by the foot, and chips and candy... a greenie received a package this week!! 
we had 6 sisters in the house this week because they were doing splits, it was crazy loud!! we had a lot of miracles this week. we finally met our goal of new investigators. i think this is the first time in 8 week my companion and i have been together! oh we were knocking on doors and i asked a lady how long shes lived here in Matão and her response was " why do you want to know" hahhah super funny!!!! we have been singing a lot of music in English because the Brazilians use it as a way to study English, i have sent 2 rounds of letters they should be there around 20th and the 25th!!
these next weeks include zone conference this week. the following week we have our interviews with president and this time it will be in our companionship, i am nervous for it because this will be the first time i will speak to president in Português, he always speaks to the Americans in English... and the same week i will have splits, and then in 2 weeks transfers again this transfer is only 5 weeks. its much faster!! my companion has 10 weeks left in her mission which means i have 10 week until skype... i only know a number because she is more than excited to be finishing her mission...
but i love you all so much and i miss you more than you know!! have a great week
Com todo Meu Coração
Eu Amo Vocês

Sister Moss

Monday, October 9, 2017

Heavenly Father Will Never Leave Us

i am so happy the kids are at home and love it there... I bet you are so tired!!
this week was a good one for work we have 3 new investigators that show real promise, they are looking for a church to join one that brings peace and comfort into there lives... another thing we had a investigator in church with us!! the second week in a row. they are all progressing well and are excited for the baptism date we gave them. its exciting to be teaching, i really enjoy it!!!
This week for me was a bit hard to speak my português, i could understand and everything but i just couldn't speak, everyone we talked with laughed at my português or called it cute (i don't know if thats a good thing) but i am working and studying everyday to get better... i know its all in the Lords timing.
This week i have been reading in Alma 5-26 and i love it because its all about missionary work and showing forth the power that the Lord has to help his sons and daughters whether they are righteous or the most wicked people there... as a missionary its good to know that even the most wicked (or most difficult) investigators that in our Saviors timing they will accept the gospel. i know that its hard for a lot of people to accept that everything happened in the Lords time and how he wants, it difficult for me but i know that if we just trust him we will never go astray... i pray everyday for my português to be better than the day before, i pray to know exactly what to say and do to help my investigators and my companion.. there is one thing i learned is to ALWAYS turn to our Father in Heaven because he will never leave us.
i am grateful for this opportunity to serve my mission here in Brazil, i am grateful for the chance to learn português no matter how hard it is for me.. i know this is exactly where i need to be!!!
Com todo meu coração
eu te amo <3

Monday, October 2, 2017

My Friend Went Home

Transfers again!!!!

i am staying in Matão with Sister Diniz <3 Sad news about transfers is that Sister Poulsen is gone :( She is returning home, mission completed for her. it's sad but i am excited for her! it was sad when we dropped her of at the bus station Saturday, we said goodbye and she got on the bus but the bus didn't leave, she called us to the window and said it's awkward with us there still. i know she didn't want to cry in front of us!!!
i am so happy for you guys and i love the picture with the kids, i can't wait to meet them at Christmas!!! its so exciting and i couldn't be more happy for our family!!
this week was a slow but good week we gave 2 dates for baptism and they both are progressing very well, and excited for conference!! a miracle - we had 2 PEOPLE IN CHURCH with us.. in 6 weeks here in Matão these are the first to come to church!! it's finally starting to get better the work here, slow but it's coming!! 
Conference was great. i like listening in portugues in this moment in my mission because i know everything. i actually understood was what i needed to hear! it was great i was able to watch 5 session (including womens) i can't wait to receive the Liahona for conference to be able to read the talks!!!
this week its has been raining for 4 days straight i love it!! but it is becoming summer here and they say it gets way hot here i am not ready for that!
i love you all tons have a great week

Sister Moss

Sooooccccccerrrr Fieeeeldsssss. Wahhhhhhh! Boooo Hoooooo :-(


Monday, September 25, 2017

I pray that I will forget English until I need it!

I am so excited to hear all the good things happening at home it makes it easier to be away!  i am so excited for you guys to meet the kiddos this week, i love the picture you guys sent, i look at it often and im still in shock but i am so happy.. i pray everyday for you all, to feel my love and support from brazil!

its getting a lot easier here, the work is still hard but the language is much easier, i pray that i will forget English until i need it.... i think its finally happened where i can understand and speak, I'm not perfect and i have a lot more to learn but it's finally not my major worry!!

things are going well, i am excited for transfers this week, and to see what will happen. but i am so sad too, Sister Poulsen finishes her mission this week, and the other two sisters in my house start their count down of 12 weeks!! let's just say the people in my house a little trunky (excited to go home)!! but it's all good, they all help me a lot with my Portugues and its wonderful.. 

this week i studied in Mosiah 20 - Alma 1 but i loved Mosiah chapters 23 and 24. mostly in Mosiah. it's about how the Lord will lighten our burdens when we are struggling, he will always be there to help us no matter what, sometimes we don't acknowledge him there but he is and will always be there..

eu sou muito grato por este oportunidade para servir minha missão, eu sei que, nosso pai celestial vai sempre ajudar nos em qualquer coisa no queremos para fazer. eu sei que nenhuma momento passar eu não sinto seus amor pra mim! muito obrigada por todos quem apoio mim aqui em Brazil, eu quero vocês para saber eu orei cada dia por vocês todos. eu amo Brazil, eu amo português e este oportunidade pra aprender<3

Sister Moss

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My List of Postives...

my love for my family grows more and more each day!!!
this weeks email will be a little different than normal. my mom wanted me to write 3-5 good things in everyday so i will just list what i have written down.
1. P-day we went shopping ate açai
2. i watched movies (thanks mom)
3. we had a family home evening and as we walked into the house the member asked why we were so happy and smiling and then she said she can see our love for one another, us sisters are a family!
1. i fasted for my português today
2. the sisters were ask to sing in the choir for our ward conference
3. district meeting, today we changed it up and we meet with all the district leaders not just mine
4. i said a whole sentence in português without a mistake
1. today started rough so i knelt down and asked for peace and comfort, and i had this wonderful overwhelming peace, it was wonderful
2. i taught the English class this week
3. we ate açai to celebrate Sister Poulsen - she hit her 1 year and 5 months, shes about done!!
1. 6 months for me today, we ate pizza to celebrate for me
2. a great day with my companion
3. i wrote a letter to kenzie in português and there weren't a lot of mistakes!!
4. in our only lesson for the day i started to speak and the investigators just kept saying i don't understand (i hate this phrase) i took a giant breath said a little prayer and continued to teach the rest of the lesson they didn't question what i had said!
1. ate açai with Sister Diniz after lunch
2. we ate hamburgers to celebrate Sister Diniz and Sister Dias 1 year and 3 months
3. i have pictures of a cat with a bird in its mouth (Mom note: I did not post these pictures! If you really want to see them, just ask!)
4. a very nice lady helped the other sister pay for their hamburgers because their cards didn't work
1. splits with Sister Poulsen <3
2. we had a difficult decision to make, she (Poulsen) has a RC about 30 minutes away and this would be her last week seeing him before she leaves, but we couldn't get a hold of him, so we didn't want to go and him not be there, but we said a prayer and asked what to do, we received an answer then prayed and read scriptures to confirm right as i finished the prayer the bus showed up, and the scripture we read was Alma 37:10 its perfect
3. the investigator said my português is better than Poulsen's when she arrived here in Matão - that's strange to hear
1. we had ward conference i sang in the choir
2. i have never prayed so much in my life, there is no more good to say about Sunday a VERY hard day for me and my companion
but this was my week i loved doing this, mom thank you for this challenge! i challenge everyone at home to do the same in everyday - find at least 3-5 good things that happened for you. i love my family and the milagres that are happening for us, i love my mission and the chance i have to learn and grow. thank you for all the support i have from home.
eu te amo<3 

Sister Moss